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How to Prepare Prior To an Escape Room

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Recreational activities come in many shapes and sizes. Some require you to exert yourselves physically, some mentally and others you enjoy more as a way to disengage your brain. Whatever it is, recreational activities must let you have fun and distress.

One of the activities you can do with your pals is going to an escape room. Escape rooms are mainly just that, rooms you are supposed to escape from. Each escape room in singapore is unique in its challenges and requires participants to solve a series of clues and find the key that will enable you to find a way out of the room.

Many people fail to finish the challenges and get trapped in the room until the time runs out, despite the clues given to them. Do not worry; here are some of the things you can do to ensure your team is ready for the challenges of an escape room.

Learn to work together
It is no secret that working as a team is perhaps your biggest asset to solve the puzzles and make it out of the escape room in the shortest time possible. In an escape room, your team’s ability to spot clues and communicate between yourselves should be impeccable. If a member of your squad withholds hints he/she has found, your attempt to complete the challenge is highly unlikely.

Learn to communicate
Most teams take longer than they should because they fail to make their findings known to the rest. As part of the team, your thoughts within the room should also be known to the rest of the team.

When you or any of your teammates spot anything that may look out of the ordinary in the escape room, say it aloud for the rest to know. If you see something that may seem useless to you as a clue, it may be related to something a fellow teammate has seen. Also, when you say your observations out loud you invite different interpretations from the team.

Learn to be optimistic
When in an escape room, you usually start by spotting clues that are easy to find. This increases your confidence and you may solve the challenge in record time. However, this upward trajectory has its limit, and you will exhaust all the obvious clues and hit a dead end.

For most teams, this will be the point they feel defeated, and the challenge seems next to impossible to complete in the set time. Your team should learn how to exercise patience and be calm in the face of adversity. If you feel you’re at a complete dead end, ask for a hint, it can open your eyes to obvious clues you had not seen.

It’s no secret that practice makes perfect. It is the same with escape rooms. The more you put yourself in these stressful situations, the more you get used to them, and you can predict what is coming next. You can practice going through escape rooms online. They provide an accurate simulation of an actual escape room.

For someone looking to have fun and at the same time challenge themselves mentally, look for the best escape rooms in Singapore. You and your friends will have fun and bond over this activity and also grow your intellect. Go out and try one of these escape rooms; you will not regret your decision.