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How to Help Millennials Stay Away From Vices

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A vice is an immoral behaviour or an unhealthy practice. Addictions to alcohol and cigarettes, stealing now and then and gambling are all vices. While the older generation had drugs and alcohol as their main vice, the so-called millennials or the younger generation has technology as theirs. With social media being a huge deal for millennials, it has turned out to become a serious addiction.

Vices negate growth and improvement, and it becomes a source of concern when any generation primed for leadership is beset by this predicament. Moreover, the millennial generation is the main workforce across the world. Any nation whose workforce mainly consists of a generation beset with vices could end up with an immoral society. Therefore, it is imperative to look for ways to help millennials shake off social vices.

Open up
If you want to overcome any negative behaviour, you need to talk it out with someone whom you trust, such as a therapist or a close friend. By sharing your problems, you lessen the sense of guilt or burden on your shoulders. Talking out your issues is the first step towards overcoming your struggles.

Find an alternative
The brain secretes dopamine in response to gratification or accomplishment, activating the pleasure centres in our brains. Vices such as gambling, cigarettes and so on exude dopamine to keep you wanting more. In due course, you start to crave that feeling, and a habit can quickly become an addiction.

If you want to stop a long-standing negative habit, it’s best to replace that act with something else that stimulates dopamine release. For example, escape rooms in singapore are exhilarating adventure games which involve team members working together to break out from a puzzle-laden room. Riddles, clues, and codes are planted within the rooms, waiting to be spotted and solved by teams before the time limit elapses. By playing escape room games, you keep your brain happy and provide an additional stimulus for dopamine release.

The compound effect
The compound effect is the remedy to instant satisfaction. Almost everything you do every day revolves around making choices. What you eat or drink is a choice. Getting angry and throwing a punch is a choice. Smoking is a choice. Whatever choice you make, it either propels your life forward, results in stagnation or it sets you backwards. When you make the right choice each time you’re faced with a set of options, you can create a trail of good decisions. Consequently, these good choices will eventually result in a compound effect, which will result in positive changes in your life.

Cutting out junk food from your meals may not instantly result in major benefits. However, after a while, you can be surprised to find out that you’ve lost six pounds. Staying indoors instead of spending your savings on alcohol may not appear beneficial at first. After a few months of doing so, however, you may be all smiles when you check your bank account balance. As soon as you start realising the benefits, they start to compound. Soon, you’ll prefer having abs rather than eating junk food or take pleasure in seeing your savings grow instead of hangovers.

Final thoughts
The sooner you can let go of the behaviours that impede your growth and health, the sooner you can propel your life to the next level. If you’ve struggled with kicking vices out, take up these tips and enjoy a vice-free life.