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How To Design The Perfect Escape Room For Children

Escape rooms in Singapore are an excellent way to interact, complete challenging puzzles and have lots of fun. If you thought that escape room is an adult or teenager activity, then you are in for a surprise! Escape room puzzles can be child-friendly by arranging the games and puzzles on their favourite themes from popular animated movies.

To prepare the children for their ultimate indoor adventure world, the best approach is to talk to them about the escape room and explain how the game works, how each puzzle will get them a clue. The room must be clean and ensure all safety measures are taken. Now that the children are ready, here’s how you can design an interactive child-friendly escape room where your children can be a part of the fun!

Frozen Theme Escape Room

Frozen is arguably the most popular animated movie. This particular escape room theme is perfect for snow-filled magical fun. You can decorate a part of a room in your home into a makeshift escape room for children. You can get wallpaper and huge stickers from a store near you based on a frozen theme. For puzzles, you can come up with small puzzles like complete the character names to get the next clue. Another fun puzzle would be to include a picture puzzle that gives the young participants their next clue until they reach the door.

An Escape Room in the Magical Hogwarts

For slightly older children you can have a Harry Potter theme escape room filled with different games and puzzles. A good game for kids can be “spot the difference game”. There is plenty of spots the difference photos and stickers available in stores and for purchase over the internet. Then you can add a puzzle similar to a Tri-Wizard tournament where children have to complete a name puzzle or picture puzzle.

Special Game Kits for a Children Escape Room

Today the internet offers a ton of products at a minimal cost. A good idea would be to invite the closest friends of your children and arrange an escape room for them to have some fun and thrill. You can buy special printable game kits for children. We suggest that you keep the number of participants to a minimum as to make it easier for you to handle everything.

Add Some Board Games in the Mix

You can find some interesting escape room board games on various themes that you can easily complete at home. Try these board games and add them to the escape room where children can have a lot of fun with these activities.

Escape room in Singapore ideas for children is an excellent way to keep them away from their IPad and computer screen and participate in a game that develops their cognitive skills along with physical exercise.