How To Convince Your Office To Team-Build At An Escape Room

Escape Room Singapore

Team building activities in the office are great and all, but it can get boring really quickly. Sometimes, what the team needs is not necessarily just to team-build, but also to get away from the confines of the four walls that is their office.

Going to an escape room in Singapore is quickly becoming one of the go-to ways today’s corporations team-build and let off some steam.

Below are tips that can help you convince your boss and the entire office why team-building at an escape room is a good idea.

1. It leads to better workplace productivity

When it comes to companies, everything is all about the bottom line. How can you raise profits? How can you make the office more productive? How can you make sure that everyone is working efficiently?

A trip to escape rooms can help improve workplace productivity by giving colleagues an outlet to bond together, have fun, and discover each other’s skills and weaknesses.

It is no secret that happier employees are more productive. Tell your office just how much happier they’ll be knowing that they had time to bond outside of the office during typical work hours in escape rooms, and you’ll see productivity increase a lot.

2. It’s a cheap team-building exercise

Team building exercises are expensive. That’s why companies don’t host them all of the time. But escape rooms are not.

In addition to being affordable, escape rooms often offer discounts for company outings and team building events, making them even more of an economical way for a team to build cohesion, teamwork, and social skills.

3. It’s a great way to have fun and bond

As already mentioned earlier, happy employees are productive employees. So, what better reason is there to go to an escape room as a group than, well, just to have fun?

Escape rooms give entire offices a reason to solve and brainstorm complicated, fun puzzles together. It’s also a great way for new employees to get themselves on board and let the older employees know what they’re capable of and vice versa.

4. It helps improve team communication

Communicating within the office space is an issue that a lot of offices can’t solve. A lot of workmates have difficulty communicating with each other despite working in close proximity for months, if not years at a time.

Escape rooms help break down that barrier of communication and open the lines because it forces everyone inside the room to communicate. Sometimes, the key to proper communication is for an entire group to have a reason to really work together.

The way escape rooms are structured requires teamwork from all individual members. Because it forces them to communicate, it makes it easier for them to talk to each other going forward, especially once they go back to work in the morning and start going about their regular daily office routine.

Productive, fun, safe, and affordable, it shouldn’t be too hard to pitch going to the local escape room in Singapore as the ultimate team-building activity for the entire office.