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How Escape Rooms Make Your Team Better

Using escape rooms as part of team building exercises is quickly becoming a thing among both small and large companies all over the world.

The reason? It’s quite simple. Escape rooms demand players to communicate and work together to solve the mystery, and the immersive experience helps remove communication barriers and encourage everyone to participate. As a result, teammates who don’t really talk much with each other are able to bond, which often results in improved camaraderie and morale in the workplace.

Of course, that’s not all there is to it.

Here are a couple more benefits of using escape rooms as a team-building activity to help your team:

1.    Members Learn How To Work Toward a Common Goal

You’d be surprised as to how many workmates actually find it difficult to work with each other. Often, it’s not just because of personality clashes, but most just don’t see the benefit of doing so. That is not exactly conducive to a productive workplace.

In escape rooms, you can help but address that problem.

By asking players to work with each other towards a common goal, you teach them a lot about themselves and how to work better together to find a common goal that everyone can agree on.

2.    It’s a Great Way to Assess Members of the Team

Conflict-resolution is an important part of working in a team, but you don’t often see how individuals handle conflict in the workplace. However, if you put them in a controlled setting that actually encourages conflict, it’ll be easier for managers and companies to see how department members (and even leaders) handle tense situations.

In escape rooms, players have no choice but to get in each other’s face and it’ll be easier to see how each member deals with the resulting conflict.

Not only is it a great way for each member to get to know each other, but it’s also a great way to assess each individual members’ strengths and weaknesses. Mind you, we’re not just talking about problem-solving skills, but also the ability to work a crowd and diffuse situations, as well as lead people in a crisis. This is valuable information that can come in handy for department heads to know which members have the most potential to succeed.

Conversely, these exercises can show which members struggle with conflict resolution and may need to get some help.

It’s always easier to make an improvement plan once a point of weakness has been identified.

3.    A Break from the Workplace

Sometimes, whether they realize it or not, workmates just need a reason to mingle and socialize with each other outside of the work setting.

It’s always nice to let employees have a little fun, and while a company lunch or dinner is nice, something more casual and fun like escape rooms is a lot better.

As escape rooms become more popular, varied and immersive, it only becomes a more useful tool for companies to use to assess, grow, and engage their employees.

The next time you’re looking for a unique and fun team building activity for your team, why not try out escape rooms in Singapore? You’d be surprised as to the things you’ll find out about the members of your team during and after the activity.