How Escape Room Helps Youngsters to Develop Important Skills

escape room singapore

If your teenage or college going son/daughter seems to be a bit tired or bored of video and board games, then you can suggest something better – Escape room games. You might ask what an escape room game is. Well, it’s a physical game wherein players are locked in special rooms, and they have to use various clues to solve puzzles and escape the room within a stipulated time period.  In addition to being outright fun, escape rooms in singapore can help youngsters develop important skills.

Here’s a lowdown on how some of the best escape room games in Singapore can help a youngster develop important skills:

Power of the Brain
Well, escape rooms have been found to help enhance the brain power in youngsters. The brain is one of the most flexible organs of our body, and it can be developed through stimulation. Brain teasers, puzzles along with the challenges found in escape room games serve as perfect brain stimulators. These games put youngsters in a completely unusual environment, so they’re compelled to think hard and solve a particular puzzle or mathematical equation. In fact, the youngsters are forced out of their comfort zones where they have to think on their feet and come up with quick solutions.

All the tasks performed by a participant need a lot of focus, which helps in enhancing the concentration levels. There’re many smaller challenges where the participant has to think out of the box and come up with solutions to escape from the locked rooms. All this finally helps in improving the focus, which is a vital skill they will need to survive in their private as well as professional lives.

Creative Thinking
Every participant in escape rooms in Singapore has to get involved in the game that they automatically become aware of the things around them. Thus, start to think creatively while looking for patterns and hints to arrive at a solution. Several participants come up with incredibly creative ideas to solve the problems and escape from the locked rooms.

Communication skills
Every participant has to consult with their teammates before going ahead with a particular solution, which implies that they have to communicate with each other. While explaining their thought process and ideas they have to listen to others as well, which automatically develops their communication skills. Improved communication skills are always appreciated by family, friends, and colleagues and youngsters can easily do that by participating in the best escape room games in Singapore.

Team building and decision making
Since the escape room in Singapore has to be played in teams, youngsters get to develop their team building and teamwork skills. They have to solve the puzzle while working as a team and make decisions quickly, which makes them more accountable and responsible for their decisions. All decisions have to be taken quickly and without wasting time, so youngsters learn to think quickly, discuss, and decide to escape the locked rooms.