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How Can Escape Room Games Help in Self-Improvement?

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Self-improvement, personal development, personal growth- or whatever you prefer to call it- is a vital part of a human being’s life. Essentially, it is the continual process of developing and challenging yourself in a bid to realise your full potential. Happiness and success stems from self-improvement.

With the fast-paced world, there’s no time to stand still. There’s always an opportunity to learn and explore something new. For instance, current social media trends make it necessary for businesses to run social media accounts to get to a wider audience. The internet has also contributed to a globalised economy, meaning you are analysed against anybody or everybody across the globe, especially when it comes to seeking employment opportunities.

Therefore, with the ability to reach your full potential and the motivation of globalisation to become the best in the world in whatever you do, you need a platform for personal growth. And without a shred of doubt, playing escape room games can get you on the road to self-improvement. Here’s how!

Attention to detail
You need heightened awareness and not just normal observation when figuring out clues in the escape room. Apart from observing your surroundings a lot more closely, you have to recollect whatever you’ve already seen, where you saw it, or if somebody hid something in their pocket. Failure to recollect even the smallest clue may render you unable to unravel the puzzles. Escape games train you to have a keener eye for details, even the smallest of details. This behaviour will soon become applicable in other areas of your life.

Time management
You think an hour is quite long? 60 minutes in an escape room game can seem to pass by in the blink of an eye. Complex puzzles, cryptic directions, and strange items can take plenty of time to figuring out and picking a course of action. You have no time to waste on distractions. To break out of the escape room, you need to use your time well enough to make a few blunders here and there without losing sight of the overall goal. By playing escape games, you learn how best to allocate time appropriately to various tasks to realise your goal.

Critical thinking
Escape rooms embody critical thinking. To break out of the room where you and your team are trapped, you have to think critically. In essence, you have to analyse a situation keenly and choose the ideal course of action. Using the limited information found in the room, you have to crack puzzles, locate where things might be hidden or connect different clues. By placing yourself in unique and tough situations like those found in an escape room, you’re bound to become better at critical thinking.

Escape rooms are meant to be played by groups consisting of at least three people. While you can play escape games with your friends and family members, you may also end up having to collaborate with strangers. Individuals within a group have different strengths and weaknesses. You must learn to identify people’s skills in addition to distinguishing unhelpful individuals. Operating within a group and communicating your ideas on deciphering the puzzles in a valuable skill.

The world is based on social interaction. You need to work with other people to get something done. This implies listening and respecting their contributions. Whether it’s in a workplace or a shopping spree, learning how to work in partnership with others will get you closer to your objectives and achieve them quicker.