For your safety, our premises has been treated with SD Pro.
(Self-disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating)

We’re open, 5 pax max. per game. No regrouping for all games.



Recreation fun, at LOST SG!

Recreation fun at LOST SGWorried that her experience at LOST SG was going to be a horrifying one (no no, LOST SG is not a haunted house!), she soon realized her worries were needless. Taking time off for some recreational activity, Hazel had a great bonding time with her significant other.
Hazel says: “We are both so caught up with work and we hardly have the time to spend time together and I am so glad we had a great night spent at LOST SG”

It seems many hard working (or studying) adults and teens are coming over to LOST SG to let loose and have fun. One other blogger is Sze Zhang who came with her friends to experience our escape room.