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Great Ways to Break the Ice Among Your New Employees

Congratulations, you found a great new hire. But, have you ever taken the time to consider that he or she may not be having that good of a day? Maybe he or she is worried about making a good impression, or he or she doesn’t know how to break the ice with your older employees.

This is an often underlooked aspect of a new job that could mean the difference between a new employee staying long-term, or looking for another job as soon as his or her contract is up.

If you want to break the ice between your older and new employees, you need to start on the first day. First impressions count, after all.

Below are a few great ways to make your new employees feel a bit more comfortable from the very moment they start their new job.

Introduce them

This sounds simple enough, but it is something that most forget to do. Get your new employee and introduce him or her to the rest of the team. Make sure that they learn a few names (it helps to repeat someone’s name in the middle of the conversation). Remember, the older employees might be thinking twice about approaching the new employee as well. By taking the time to introduce your latest recruit around, they’ll feel better and are more likely to be invited to join in with the older employees, especially during breaks.

Show Him “The Area”

There’s the “area” in the office that employees go to talk about what happened last night or during that week. This is where employees take breaks, gossip, socialise, or even eat. It might be the break or lunch room, or somewhere outdoors, or it could even be in the pantry. Wherever it is, introduce your newest employee to the area and tell him or her that’s where to go to make friends.

Of course, encourage your new employee not to be shy as well. Tell them not to be afraid to join in the conversations. He or she is now part of the group after all.

Hold a Team Building Activity

If you’re introducing a couple of new recruits, then a simple introduction and tour around the area might not be enough. It might be time for activities outside the office for a simple team building activity. Even a lunch or dinner out can do wonders to helping new employees get acquainted better with their workmates. Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try out an escape room game?

Escape room games are the perfect way for your older and newer employees to get to know each other because it requires them to work together as a team towards a common goal. As an added bonus, you’re in on the fun as well, so they’ll get to know how you, the boss, work under pressure!