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The Great Escape Singapore

Room Escape Games

Online escape games have been under fire lately, due to some people complaining that they become addictive in a due course of time. The truth may be entirely different; you have to weigh the good and the bad of playing room escape games in order to have a clear picture of whether the merits outweigh the demerits.

Escape games are simple puzzles put together to make an interesting and thrilling virtual scene. Psychologists agree that problem solving puzzles are a positive influence on children in the development of certain brain functions. Similar to chess, solving puzzles online demand the use of the child’s short term memory. The part of the brain where short time memory is located is of crucial importance for solving math problems. Cracking the solution for puzzles can be never labeled as addictive behavior.

Escape Room Games

In a single escape room game, you are required to solve a multitude of puzzles to unlock the room. And every puzzle requires proper application of thought and mind. Without proper concentration, you can never solve the mysteries involved in the room. You also need keen observation skills to find the hidden clues in these games. Some clues stand out, while others have to be dug out.

The Great Escape Singapore

Puzzle solving skills can be applied for every day’s life. Kids can apply it to their studies, as many research operations require the analytical and logical skills used to play these games. In advanced mathematics, you have to solve more analytical problems. Although every game is different, solving puzzles may help you develop your analytical skills.

Not too long ago, the only way a kid could get his hands on a puzzle was through a magazine or newspaper. Today, the internet offers you free escape games to play with. Difficulty levels vary, and depend on the type of room you select. Most kids will take as long as one hour to complete the task of a regular room escape game.

Grownups are welcome to play these games with their children. Lacking the obscenity and violence that prevail in today’s society, they will soon discover how room escape games are nothing but a brain exercise. These games also provide an outlet for parents to spend some time with their young ones, helping them out with the initial stages and puzzles. Thus, a game that polishes your kid’s intellectual abilities and improve parental relationships cannot be all that bad. One could say the good outweigh the bad in this case.