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How to Get The Most Out Of Your Escape Room Game Experience

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People started playing escape room games in the 1980’s. In that era, there were only puzzle games with several stages. In only 3 decades, these games have evolved and taken the form of physical escape rooms.

With time, escape rooms have become one of the most fun and popular activities among all age groups. There are different types of games available in escape rooms that suit different personalities and preferences. Moreover, it is considered as one of the best ways of conducting team building activities. There are several benefits of escape room games and here is how you can get the most out of this unique experience.

Psychological Benefits
People can get too comfortable with their daily lives, to the point that they stop trying new things. This way, you not only limit yourself to your comfort zone, but it can prohibit your creative growth and dull your cognitive skills. By visiting an escape room, you indulge in activities which require you to take risks and try new and creative solutions to solve problems. It also encourages you to work in teams or pairs and improve your problem-solving skills.

Improved Self-Confidence
Another benefit of going to escape room games is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you feel that you have accomplished something, your body releases dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that helps improve your memory, concentration and mood.

Team Building
Any team is incomplete without leadership skills, enthusiasm and trust, especially in office setups. A day playing an escape room game can teach players the important aspects of teamwork and bring out the best qualities of each colleague. This way, you can discover the hidden qualities of fellow employees and assess those competent to be a leader or others more comfortable with a supporting role. Moreover, you may find some employees are good at handling the finer details while others have a more surface level approach.

Even if your job is your passion and you enjoy doing it, it can be very difficult at times. These are the times when you lose your motivation, subsequently causing your creativity and productivity to suffer. In the best escape games, you are provided with various small tasks that lead to solving an overarching problem. When anyone completes a big goal or task it is natural to feel accomplished and to be proud of themselves. Hence teambuilding exercises like escape rooms can help in boosting morale and motivation to do better.

Heightened Creativity
In escape room settings players can employ their creativity and innovative thinking for solving puzzles tasks. This encourages players to think out of the box and look for different solutions instead of sticking to standard procedures. Even if you do not complete a challenge or approach the tasks incorrectly, you will learn a lot from these games.

Apart from these, you also learn different ways you can deal with your fellow players and how to accommodate them without compromising your task.