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Funniest Incidents In An Escape Room Game

Singapore Escape Game

Escape rooms are very serious, yet fun exercises for those who love solving puzzles. They include a group of people being locked in a room who are tasked to get out and is a great teambuilding exercise or family outing activity. While escape room games are often intense, it can end up in hilarious moments and incidents. Participants often forget the cameras are always watching, resulting in some hilarious incidents as told by game masters. Here are some of the funny stories known:

Gamemasters have often experienced toilet emergencies with participants who are playing the game. Whether it’s because of the spicy burrito a participant had just before the game, due to nervousness, or just because they have a really small bladder. In any case, these emergencies have made for some of the most hilarious happenings inside the room.

Dates and Proposals
Escape rooms are often sites for a first date, or a follow up date. There have been instances where couples who love puzzles and escape rooms, or perhaps met each other in an escape room, had set up marriage proposals in the game. What makes it funny is that often, these proposals are confused for bizarre clues. However, this sure does make a good proposal idea!

Giving up
Some of the funniest stories revolve around how people may give up on their escape room challenges. Sometimes, the group just decides to take a nap, or even play some instrument in the room, with everyone else singing along to songs, to pass their time. Where hints are allowed, some players simply end up asking for hints at every step of the way and being amused at themselves for being so bad at the game. Some game masters also recall a group making confetti out of paper, after they had given up, throwing it into the air when the game masters arrived after the game ended.

Desperate times
Gamemasters have seen some very desperate attempts to solve an escape room. These often include attempts to search through their personal belongings, which obviously have no connection to the puzzle. In some rare cases, people have tried, and succeeded, in picking all the locks, while some have tried to break the door, or any windows, and even desperately attempted to break out by hitting all the switches, buttons and levers. Thankfully, personal belongings are no longer allowed to be brought in the room so there is little room for you to escape with props that do not belong in the game.

We hope these stories and incidents are enough to lighten up your mood. Just remember, during your next escape game in Singapore, the game masters are watching (and recording) everything.