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Four Quick Bonding Activities You Can Enjoy with Friends

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Humans are social creatures. You may have all the money and luxury in the world but die of loneliness. If you have no friends to call occasionally for a chat, or a close circle to vent to when you feel up to your neck with stress, the pressure is likely to get the better of your health. If you are always on the run and hardly have time for friends, take a pause and relax. Think about what is keeping you so busy. You will realise some things do not require your attention and you can do away with them to enjoy the quality life. Friendship is like a young tree. For the tree to reach maturity, it demands tender loving care. If you do not have sufficient time for your friends, these relationships are likely to fade away. Here are activities you can try out to make your friendship stronger:

Escape room games
Escape room games are an excellent way to bond. Apart from the fun, they will engage your minds to think critically to come up with solutions. You can look around for the best escape room singapore and enjoy mind-blowing puzzles with your friends. The beauty of escape room is that you can engage new and old friends alike.

If you are all nature lovers, Singapore will not disappoint. If hiking is your thing, you have a wide selection to choose from. The Southern Ridges is an excellent starting point. Apart from the panoramic view from Mount Faber, the hike will take you right to the Labrador Reserve for a hot of fresh air and beautiful indigenous trees. You can stop along the way for a photo shoot against a breath-taking backdrop.

Visit a zoo
If game watching tickles you, then Singapore’s zoo is your dream come true. This award-winning zoo has over 200 species of animals from across the globe for you to sample. While here, you can all enjoy a guided tour by one of the zoo attendants. However, remember to observe the zoo rules to avoid getting into trouble. You can satisfy the child in you by enjoying an animal show or a river tour nearby. Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Why not enjoy a night Safari? You will have an opportunity to watch some of the most elusive animals that you may not be lucky enough to spot during the day.

Work out
Working out can be a very boring activity, especially if you are not a fitness enthusiast. However, working out with a group of friends can make all the difference. You can help each other keep check of your fitness goals. To make it easier for all of you, come up with a realistic schedule that will be easy to follow. It can be a morning run or even an evening walk as you catch up. Make it even better by cycling. Singapore’s Botanical Gardens is a great area to try out your cycling skills.

Another excellent workout activity is swimming. Look for an Olympic size swimming pool near your area and sign up for swimming. Get a package that will work for all your friends. You will not realise how quickly time passes as you compete to showcase your swimming prowess. At the end of the session, you have achieved your fitness goals and a great opportunity for bonding.