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Five Tips for Mastering All Types of Escape Room Game

Escape Room Singapore

The best way to have fun with your family, friends or colleagues in 2018 is by experiencing the escape room adventure. These games are tailored to engage all members of the team at the same time. When you decide to play a game, you desire to win and have fun at the same time. Although escape room games are designed to make you think critically, the underlying objective is for you to have fun.

It is hard to find the same themes in all rooms since there are virtually thousands of storylines like drama, science fiction, and horror. Some escape rooms in singapore have rooms that include virtual reality. The majority of people that have tried this game will ask whether there are hints to help master all types of escape room games. While that is difficult, here are five essential tips you can use to escape all manner of rooms. Do not bother with the items you are not supposed to touch.

Before you begin the game, the moderator will give you some instructions. Principal among these is a list of the items that you should not touch. In most rooms, the pieces have a red or blue sticker. All escape rooms have such objects. You must be attentive when the instructor is talking so that you do not waste time trying to move or fix something that on the ‘do not touch’ list. No game master will hide clues in such objects. Moreover, you will be told to avoid these items for your safety.

Pick and gather
Apart from the items discussed above, any other thing in the room could be a hint. For instance, the best escape rooms in Singapore put clues in the most unexpected places. That means you have to pay attention to details to not miss out any details. Therefore, whenever you get into a room, pick out items you think might be clues to the puzzle and gather them at the centre of the room. The ‘pick and gather’ strategy saves you time and energy, and you find yourself moving to the next puzzle faster. Also, ignore the obvious. For example, a light bulb on the ceiling won’t be the clue in most cases.

Divide the room
This third tip is related to the second one. Whatever the size of the room, divide it and allocate each member a portion. Each team member should sort through clues for anything that might help. In case the puzzle requires you to solve a mathematical problem, have one or two people deal with it while the rest get busy doing something else.

Choose your team wisely.
The theme of any escape room is based on a specific storyline. In some circumstances, you will discover that the story could roughly follow a famous novel or movie. However, it is crucial to make sure that your team contains the following:

1. A logical thinker, to piece together clues and pieces of the storyline.
2. A mechanical person since you will find items in the room that need fixing for the puzzle to make sense.
3. A person competent in numbers for sometimes you will have to solve a problem to crack the riddle.

The plot thickens as you move closer to the exit. So, you should avoid spending too much time in the beginning. Time is essential as you only have sixty minutes to escape. Most storylines get more and more complicated from the middle towards the end. That does not mean that you fail to pay attention to the details in the first room. Sometimes the key you get when the story starts might be useful in the end.