“My experience escaping an escape room” – Sal, HardwareZone.com.sg

There’s always something alluring with pens of writers – which seem to have a soul of its own.

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In this latest Media/Reviews feature, we are very humbled to have Sal (who’s a Tech Writer) from HardwareZone pen down his experience at LOST SG. Having experienced ‘The Room’ (an online escape room game, not by us), he thought that was all there was to escape rooms.

But however, little did he know not only are our games long in duration at 75 minutes, they are also big in size and the puzzles are complex! At the end of the day, our games are not easy at all.


Having said that, any first timers at LOST SG are recommended to try games Alcatraz or Exodus to understand how our games are like and how it is different from other escape rooms in Singapore.

Are you now worried that you won’t have enough time to complete the game? Worry not, because our games are 75 minutes long (yup, we’re the only one in Singapore). If you feel at any point in time you need help, you can always “play cheat” by asking for more hints from our friendly crew. However, that could spoil the fun.

Alright, enough with all this introduction. Anyway you’re here for his review right? Click on the yellow button on the bottom right-side of this entry to start reading!