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Exciting Themes That Should Be In Escape Room Games

Escape Room Singapore

If you are looking for something new and exciting to have fun with your friends and family, then you should consider trying out the escape rooms in Singapore. This physical adventure game will make all your dreams come true if you enjoy playing detective. It requires a small group of people to play, where the players have to solve a series of riddles and puzzles to get out of a locked room. Luckily, you can find different clues and hints to complete the task.

Over the years, Singapore has seen the rise of different escape room games, but their rising popularity is far from falling. The games mainly feature a plethora of puzzles, thrilling plots, and mysterious clues. All this is put together under a nerve-wrecking time limit, usually one or two hours. The primary target of the game is to make players enjoy the experience, whether they lose or win. Keep reading to know some of the most exciting escape room themes that are worth a try:

  • Puzzle themes

As you will find out, puzzles are the most common themes in escape room games. However, what matters is the type of problems used, to make it exciting and thrilling. Here are some of the most fantastic puzzle ideas that make high-quality rooms:

  • Decode pictures

Besides providing excellent decors to your room, images are a unique way to hide numbers and other useful messages. They are easy to implement, and all you have to do is come up with a suitable image or design, with all the clues that the players need.

  • The maze solution

A classic puzzle, the key (or other useful objects) is kept in plain sight, and the room escapers have to solve a maze before accessing it. The player has to get the object using different restricted movements. The good thing is that it comes in different varieties and may require the coordinated effort of more than one player.

  • Puzzle solution in regular objects

The idea behind this puzzle is converting ordinary objects into useful clues in the game. Typical everyday stuff like playing cards can be easily used to make the game more fun and indulge the creativity of the players.  The escapers may need to piece together the items in a particular order, to form a code or a specific message that gives them essential information.

  • Locking mechanisms themes

As the name suggests, escape room games require the players to find a way out of a locked room. That means that the escapees have to get a hidden key or find another way out. However, you can come up with different locking mechanism themes to make the participants enjoy the game. Here are some exciting ideas:

  • Magnetic locks

This advanced lock opening mechanism requires the player to place different objects in the right way, for the door to open. This idea can be very flexible, and it can incorporate various technological props to make the game more exciting. You can also use simple tools to set it up.

  • Lock combinations

Lock combinations quite common in escape room games. That means you have to go beyond the standard lock and key mechanism, to make them thrilling. They are exciting to room escapers since they don’t have to struggle matching locks with keys. Keep in mind that the solution has to be unique and strong for the gamers to decode without easily guessing it. Four and five-word answers are the best to use.

If you are an entrepreneur (or a player) looking for exciting ideas, it’s advisable to visit different gaming outlets to know what works best for you. However, with the impressive ideas listed above, you can find something adventurous and worthwhile. These themes may be prevalent, but with good application and execution, you give the players an excellent experience. Keep in mind that having fun should be the primary objective of the game.