Exciting And Fun Team Building Activities To Try Out

Raising your team’s spirits by making them do team building activities raises more than just morale. There are many benefits to it. This includes improved communication, better collaboration, and increased overall performance as a unit.

Having said that, there are better team building activities that you and your team can try out than just the typical company lunch or dinner.

Below are a few ideas that you and your team should try for your next team building activity:

1.    Go to the Trampoline Park

Remember how much fun you had jumping up and down on trampolines when you were younger?

Just imagine a room full of adults doing that and just letting loose.

Trampoline parks are gaining traction all across the globe and there might just be one near you. They’re a great place to start with if you’re looking to do something fun, exciting, and unique with your team.

2.    Arcade Night

When’s the last time you’ve been to an arcade? It’s probably been forever!

Just like a lot of 80s and 90s things, arcades are making a comeback these days, and what makes adult arcades different is that they’re catered towards adults – they have bars and full-service menus, in addition to the arcade games that you grew up with.

Your local adult arcade will surely make for the perfect casual setting for everyone to just let their guard down, talk, mingle, socialise, and have fun.

3.    The sales pitch

This is great, especially for teams in marketing or branding departments.

Simply ask individual members of the team to try and sell themselves or their services. Or better yet, why not separate the entire department into different teams and have them come up with crazy advertisement ideas or commercials?

Because there’s nothing to lose and it’s all in the spirit of fun and games, everyone can just let loose. But, in doing so, teammates get to learn more about each other outside of their job descriptions, like knowing which of them has a crazy life experience to share or a hidden talent to show.

4.    Go to an Escape Room

If you want to bring out everybody’s competitive side, an escape room in Singapore is just the thing.

Splitting the department into different teams and pitting them against each other to see who breaks out first is a great way to test your team’s knowledge and how well they’re able to work with each other under pressure. At the same time, it helps give teammates an opportunity to interact with each other when they probably normally wouldn’t.

5.    Volunteer

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Volunteering allows your team to give to other people while also gaining a lot back in return. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to do some positive press for your company.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in Singapore. Just look around and you’ll eventually find a volunteer opportunity that lines up well with the interests of your company.

All of these activities will no doubt make for some excellent team building activity and help lead to a happier, more productive office – something that’s good for your business right now and down the line.