For your safety, our premises has been treated with SD Pro.
(Self-disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating)

We’re open, 5 pax max. per game. No regrouping for all games.



2 pax? No problem, we’re here for the Pharaoh

Eugena-at-LOST-SGFrom our escape games page, you will be able to see that our rooms can occupy a maximum of 12 pax. If a group of 12 is larger than you can gather, don’t worry because 6-8 pax will do well too. Ideally, try to gather 7 pax or more, because if your booking comprise of 7 pax or more, your group will be entitled to exclusive room usage (private!).

In this review feature, we have Eugena who came down in a group of 2 with Terence, her boyfriend. With sheer determination and a clear goal in mind to be on our LOST LEGENDS wall, Eugena gave Exodus a good try!

Now you might be wondering, if the maximum capacity of the rooms are at 12 pax each, how would a group of 2 pax fare? This is where you should continue to her blog to find out more about her experience at LOST SG!

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