Why Are Escape Rooms Becoming Popular?

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Escape rooms are the rage right now. A few years ago, no-one knew anything about them but today, there are 2000+ games all over the world including in Singapore. They provide a fresh break from the daily grind of work, school, and family responsibilities. The games are so popular that there is even an international escape room championship where teams from different countries participate. Yes, they are that popular! But why has this activity spread like wildfire, grabbing the attention of the young and old alike? Here are some of the things that have drawn people into the game and why you should try it, too.

A sense of cooperation

Have you noticed how isolated we have all become? Everyone is in their own world with their face buried in some screen. There are so few moments where people get to engage in authentic social interaction. Even when friends get together, they are usually checking their phones for notifications and messages. But the fact is that humans are social beings and they crave interpersonal interaction. Escape games provide a chance to connect beyond mere conversation and to get to work towards a common goal as a team. The shared feeling of achievement fosters a sense of togetherness and strengthens bonds. These can be really memorable moments.

You get to be the game character

Video games have come a long way. From 2D stick figures in the early years to advanced compelling 3D graphics today. Developers spend sleepless nights trying to build as realistic a game as possible to give the players a real world experience. This is why virtual reality has been so well-received. It enables people to interact with the electronic world more realistically. But even virtual reality cannot compare with escape games when it comes to realism. They are the real deal. You get to be a character in the game set as opposed to controlling an avatar on the screen. If the game has a particular theme that you love, the experience can be so immersive.

Solving tasks can be satisfying

Solving a problem triggers the brain’s reward centres and this gives you a rush of dopamine. Every time you solve a riddle or crack a puzzle, you get a sense of accomplishment and generally feel good about yourself. You feel smart, you feel validated. Escape rooms provide plenty of opportunities to test your problem-solving skills and your ability to pay attention to details. The time limit adds an extra edge to the experience. You only have a set period of time to solve all the puzzles and this sense of urgency can make for a surge of adrenaline.

They allow you to experience any theme

Escape games come in many themes and this is an added attraction. Why? We all have things we love such as movies, novels, and even certain elements of history such as WWII. It is great to experience these interests in such a personal and fun way. You could be Sherlock Holmes trying to escape by solving a crime, or you could be an explorer trying to escape the mummies of Egypt even though you are in Singapore.