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Escape Room No-Nos To Follow

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Not too long ago, virtual and augmented reality devices were making waves in the gaming scene. Who wouldn’t be excited being in a virtual world where you can shoot guns and kill people? Ever since this kind of technology surfaced, many people thought that this is the future of gaming and that the world of gaming would never be the same. That was until the arrival of the exciting concept of escape games.

Escape games are extremely fun and exciting, especially when played with friends. But keep in mind that like other games, there are regulations to follow. Here are some things you should not do inside an escape room.

Don’t bring kids unless allowed by game masters
There’s a reason why escape rooms are strict about age limits. This is not because they deliberately exclude kids from the fun but because some themes and designs are not kid-friendly. This isn’t always the case though, as some escape rooms allow kids as long as they are accompanied by guardians.

Don’t use force
More than anything, remember that your brain is all you need. Set aside your muscles for this one, as no escape room will need you to swing a big axe to open the door or run an obstacle course. It is also a good reminder to be gentle with all the equipment within each game room. You don’t want to pay extra for things you’ve accidentally broken. You may escape the room once you solve the puzzles but you can never escape paying penalties.

Do not exclude any member
This basic etiquette of participating in group activities is very crucial to win the game. In many cases, you will be grouped with strangers and cooperating with these people whom you’ve just met is not easy. However, you need to keep everything civil and work well with your teammates.

Playing in an escape room can be challenging and bringing attitude problems into the already high-tensioned room will only cause disagreement and more issues among players. Keep in mind that while it will be rewarding to win the game, how you play the game ultimately matters.

Do not attempt to bring anything
Everything you will need to play the game will be inside the room. All the props and clues are properly positioned inside the room for you to find and use. Even cell phones are prohibited inside the game room. (Sorry, Google, you’ll have to rest for a while.) So gather your strength and stretch your brain because you’ll have to rely on yourself and your teammates to figure things out.

Lastly, bringing any kind of weapon or anything sharp is a big no-no! Escape room games do not involve zombies and we’re pretty sure there’s no need for self-defence. This guide may not be about strategies and techniques but these tips are equally important to keep gameplay fun and friendly.