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Are Escape Room Games Great For Kids?

Singapore Escape Game

Are you thinking of a day out with the kids and wondering what to put on your to-do list? You might want to consider escape games. They have become popular in Singapore and other countries, with over 20000 games spread across the globe. Even though most of the games have been designed to appeal to older players, kids can still have a good time taking a crack at them. But even better, there are some that are meant specifically for kids. These may have themes such as superheroes or video games that kids can easily understand and relate with. It can be fun!

But is that all? Is it all just fun and games? Well, no. It is more than that. Your kids will benefit from the experience in more ways than just amusement. Here are some reasons why escape rooms are great for kids.

They teach critical thinking

Kids are at a very crucial stage in their mental development. Their brains are still young and at this point, it is quite easy to develop certain skills. One skill an escape room might teach your kids is critical thinking. The puzzles can get their mental juices flowing, which will spill into real-life problem-solving abilities.

They teach teamwork

It is not just problem-solving skills that can be and should be taught while the kids are young. At a tender age, it is important to instil the love for teamwork so the kids will find it easier to work with others. A good escape game can be a great tool for this. Find a suitable room that every member of your kids’ team can find engaging and make sure each kid has a role to play.

They teach patience

Patience is one of the most important virtues you can cultivate in your kids. Those puzzles found in escape rooms? Well, your kids will not just solve them in a minute. It takes time and this will teach them that they cannot have what they want, whenever they want. It will teach them to work for their goals and be patient.

It teaches kids how to handle failure

No matter how smart your kids might be, some of the puzzles may still be too difficult to crack. That is as much a part of the game as it is a reality of life. Your kids will have to face failures at school, in their careers, in their friendships, in sport, etc. It is at this stage that you can successfully teach them to handle such down times with grace.

It is a time for the family to connect

Most times, everyone is busy with their phone or laptop, just browsing social media. But you will realise that it is important for the family to be socially intimate. The entire family needs it, but more so the young developing kids. Escape rooms can be great for the family to connect with each other on a deeper, fun level.

It teaches time management

Your kids do not have an infinite amount of time in which to leave the escape game. They have about 60 minutes and this tends to run out fast if they do not have a proper plan in place. They will essentially be working against time, which will give them important time management skills.