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Escape Room Games You Can Play With Your Family

Singapore Escape Game

After a long, tiring week spent at work or school, all of us look forward to the weekend to spend time with our family and loved ones. However, not everyone is a fan of sitting around at home and watching TV together. Many families enjoy going out to parks and resorts. In Singapore, escape room games present a great alternative to outdoor activities with your family. If you don’t know anything about escape games in Singapore then it’s about time you do. Escape rooms are confined spaces where you need to escape by solving puzzles within the given time. Escape room games can also be played in the form of a board game, card game or video game.

Spending family time trying to escape a small dark room might sound absurd, however, according to most escape room developers, many families visit them often. Such activities encourage communication among players and tackling tasks from different perspectives while strengthening bonds between each other.

In a family, there are people of different ages. They work together to achieve the ultimate goal of escaping. Here are some escape room games that you can play with your family and have an amazing time:

Escape the room
If you enjoy story-driven games rather than simple puzzles, this is the game for you. The series comprises of 2 games, both of which are driven by a narrative. These include the Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat and Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor. As the game progresses, the plot is revealed with a series of lab diaries and notes. These adventures as based on characters set in a specific location. The Stargazer’s Manor specifically is suitable for families because of its lower level of difficulty, and the puzzles can be solved by kids and adults together. The Secret of Dr. Gravely’s Retreat, however, is a bit more challenging and is more suitable for those in their late teens or older.

Exit: The Game
Exit: The Game, originally produced by the German brand Kosmos, has a total of 6 adventures. While three of them have already been translated into English, the Abandoned Cabin is the one most popular and available. This escape room game is ideal for mixed group of people (i.e. families) as it isn’t too complex.

With outstanding graphics and production, the Unlock! series is a card-based game. All chapters are in a deck form with no plot and storyline. All you need to do is find the codes and solve the puzzles quickly.

The game can help your kids improve their mental skills with time. Family members may be not familiar with the skills and strengths of others and this game reveal unknown aspects of your family and establish a stronger familial bond.