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Easy Ways to Escape your Daily Worries

An escape room game is a simulation game where one is trapped in a closed room and is required to escape before time runs out. Depending on the designer of the game, the room will have a story which the participants will be told beforehand. Once inside they must hunt for clues that will allow them to discover the route to escape the room. Normally, escape room challenges last for 60 minutes. The average team size is 4-5 members. However, these are not set in stone and depend largely on the specific design of the room.

Myths about escape rooms

Some people believe that escape rooms are full of complicated puzzles that only geniuses can crack and thus feel intimidated by them. They don’t want to make a fool of themselves and as a result, steer clear of this extremely fun activity! Escape room games are designed by psychologists and gamers and take into account average intellect levels. It is designed to be exciting and challenging but also a lot of fun.

Another common confusion occurs between escape rooms and scary houses. Yes, there can be rooms where zombies and bats and other surprises pop up. But these events occur more frequently in scary houses than escape rooms. In its essence, escape rooms are supposed to be thrilling, not frightening.

The simulated environment is designed to make you feel trapped. This is what adds thrill to the game and gets the adrenaline flowing. However, if one is unable to solve the game in the stipulated time, they will naturally be allowed to leave. So rest assured, you won’t actually be trapped inside the room!

What do you need to win?

Solving all challenges in 1 hour is the aim of the game. The most crucial and irreplaceable aspect of achieving this goal is team spirit. The team must work together. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for them to complete the challenge. More importantly, escape rooms are about enjoying yourself. So often when a team is struggling the room master provides appropriate clues to help them out. Even if a team is quiet and static, they will find their way out if they keep their eyes open and communicate with each other! A team of geniuses may find themselves trapped if they start working individually.

Why are escape room games fun?

Escape room games allow people to experience adventure in a safe environment. For 1 hour you are not defined by your past achievements or qualifications. You are simply a member of the team; hell-bent on escaping! The thrill and excitement can make your heart palpitate. They are perfect little breaks to be taken with family and friends, and one always has a lot of stories to tell!