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Epic End Of Year Activities For You To Indulge In

It is the end of the year, hurray! You have been waking up early in the morning and come back home late. It may be that you rarely get time to spend time with your precious children, or even have time to be alone and collect your thoughts. You may also be putting off your hobby to be able to meet work demands but the time has come that you can do all that. This is also the time that Christmas comes to mind and the much-needed bonding time with family and friends.

On the other hand, if you are an employer, then this is also the time that you have to scratch your head on what you will do to as a way of appreciating your staff for their hard work. Giving out money vouchers is great, but you have to think of something that will unite the staff. Having a team that co-operate together can eventually be more productive to your business. You want to them to have a time of their lives. Why not work with the following ideas?

Having a Sports Day

There is nothing quite like getting people out of the office and into the outdoors. You can form teams within the company and compete against one another in sports challenges, outdoor games, and even win prizes. Let them sweat out all the pent-up exhaustion. You could have a caterer to provide snacks and refreshments after the sports day, and your employees will value you and the company more.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are amazing recreational fun and can help to develop teamwork and critical thinking. Teams are locked in a room with puzzles and equation to solve, and every time they get a puzzle right, they become closer to gaining their freedom. This game requires unity and cooperation from all the members of the team hence the sense of togetherness.

This helps the team to build trust in each other even long after the game is over. You could even visit an escape room in Singapore for maximum fun.

Having a Festival

Why not go all the way and throw a celebration for the employees? You can hire a field for this, where the staff can dress up like people from different cultures and have a ball. The crazier the costumes, the more fun it will be, to tell them to let their creativity shine. You could try and make the dishes and drinks from these countries available as well so that they can have the full experience. Download and play music from each country that the staff will represent and play them at the festival. The employees can come with their family and friends for this occasion. Take photos that you can pin on the office board. This will make them relaxed and happy.

They will feel appreciated by you especially if you had to go such lengths for them.

Different Party Themes

If you have decided to have a party for the staff, don’t just order food and tell people to show up. You can spice things up by choosing themes of different topics, nationalities or even the yesteryears. You can tell the employees to dress up the way people used to do in the 60s or 70s. You could also choose one culture and roll with like Indian or African culture. The staff will enjoy dressing up and being in character.

You can make it mandatory that everyone tries and speaks in that imitating the chosen dialect.

Try to incorporate as many ideas from the theme that you and the employees have chosen into the party as possible.

Be Charitable

You could talk to your staff about changing it up a bit and thinking of others. Instead of throwing a party in the office, they could choose organisations to volunteer in every day for a week or so.

Plan it well so that your business is not left without employees. Giving is a powerful thing for humans, and this could make them motivated and also motivate others. There are so many organisations that they could volunteer in like children’s home, retirement homes, and soup kitchen. It will surely be a memorable time for them.

Whatever you choose to do to thank you employees, be sincere about it. You should put in the money to organise something, but ultimately they should feel good about it. Every hardworking employee deserves an epic way to end the year.