LOST SG will be open from Saturday, 4 July 2020.

Rooms are limited to 5 players max due to phase 2 measures.
No regrouping for all bookings.



Dora and her (explorer) quest to Egypt

Escape Room GamesRooms too dark she could hardly make out the clues, rooms too difficult (or perhaps it is the convoluted storylines) and unrealistic. These are the experience Dora had with other escape rooms in Singapore. Always leaving disappointed with the games, Dora has finally found one she enjoyed! Intrigued by mummies and all-things Egypt, Dora is already planning another trip to LOST SG to take on Exodus!
Update: Oh no! It seems that Dora has made her blog private, we’ve since removed the link. But don’t worry, Exodus is still as enjoyable as ever.