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Deciding Which Escape Room Game Is The Best For You

Room Escape Games Singapore

Not all escape rooms are the same, they vary in difficulty level, theme, and technology. Most of the time, what excites us about going for our own escape room experience are the pictures of victory on our friends’ social media accounts. It isn’t too late, you can pick out an escape room according to your choice and experience it for yourself. Here’s how to make a choice for yourself!

Your Team Members
Your teammates have a great impact on the kind of experience that you have in escape room games. You need to choose them wisely. For instance, if you are going out with your family, the elderly won’t find it exciting to enter a difficult room. They won’t be able to contribute much and that could make the experience boring and frustrating for them. Some rooms allow 8 to 10 people while others have a minimum limit of 6 people. So you need to select the room while keeping the number of people and the difficulty level in mind. Don’t go overboard with the team members; you don’t want to crowd the room. Taking too many players will make it difficult to communicate while taking too few won’t help in solving the puzzles.

Difficulty Level
All escape rooms have a difficulty level, first-time players are advised to choose easier rooms while experienced players go for the hard ones. As the difficulty level increases, it becomes more difficult for the players to solve puzzles. It is important that you choose the difficulty level according to your caliber to fully enjoy the experience!

Escape Room Type
There are different escape room types that you can choose from, so before making a reservation ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you a big or small room?
  • What kind of a theme attracts you, scary or pleasant?
  • Do you want multiple room game or single room?

No matter what you choose, there is no right or wrong. Your answer completely depends on your preferences. Some people don’t do well with a scary environment while others thrive in it. So choose the type of room according to your taste.

Theme of the Escape Room Game
This is the most important factor that you need to consider, the story and theme of the escape room are what builds up the interest. Some rooms start off by handcuffing or blindfolding you; if that isn’t your thing then you need to check with the management beforehand. You can also decide between the traditional escape rooms or the technologically integrated rooms.

Before heading out to the escape rooms, make sure to check the reviews online and make a booking before time. The online reputation of any place can give you an idea of what the place has to offer.