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Cosplaying inside Alcatraz Prison

cosplay escape room at LOST SGLOST SG is famous for its hi-tech escape room Singapore setup, however, did you know that LOST SG also cater for special occasions other than the usual playing of the escape game itself?

 Over here at LOST SG, we have requests coming in on a daily basis and have hosted mini events like wedding proposals, birthday celebrations, bachelor & bachelorette’s nights, and many more.

So a few weeks back, we got this request from a player asking to use our Alcatraz Prison for a cosplay photoshoot backdrop. It was the first time we’ve received such a request, “Wow, how did they know that we have a real-life prison set up inside here?” we thought.

After further conversation, it turns out that the cosplay photographer is actually an avid fan of LOST SG! He has witnessed for himself how life-like and mind-blowing the Alcatraz prison set up was, and realized the sort of potential it can be used as a photo-shoot backdrop.

For those who no idea who Caitlyn is, Officer Caitlyn – the Sheriff of Piltover, is a well-known character of League of Legends (LOL) online game. She is also very commonly being COSPLAY-ed around the world.

Now, here are some pictures of the photoshoot! Photo credits to :

Talking about being a mountain tortoises (sua ku), TEAM LOST were surprised to know that the local cosplay scene has a really humongous following!

Anyway, as you can see the pictures, it was really well taken!

League of Legends – Caitlyn [Officer]”Let’s investigate.”Photo by ZerartulpeakturesLocation: LOST SG 迷の密失 Singapore’s Next Gen Real Escape GameHelper : Yokey

Posted by Lawliet Cos on Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Here’s an introduction to the Alcatraz prison that was used for the photoshoot.

AlcatrazAlcatraz is one of our most popular game rooms at LOST SG, it is based on the true story of three prisoners’ escape from the supposedly inescapable island of Alcatraz near San Francisco.

Players will enter the Alcatraz game room blindfolded, unsure of their future predicament and with a tingling sense of fear mixed with anticipation. Who knows what awaits when they have their blindfolds removed! Within the next few moments of accepting their fate, they start to be amazed by how elaborate the Alcatraz prison is set up.

Being passionate escape game players ourselves, we want to bring only the best escape game rooms into Singapore and players will truly believe that they are in another dimension even if it’s for only 75 minutes (The first to be introduced and longest game duration in Singapore)!

You can read up more about the true Alcatraz story before coming down to LOST SG to relive the moments of the grand escape plan… Do you have what it takes to escape the Alcatraz prison? The Alcatraz prison awaits you… Make your upcoming LOST SG booking today!