For your safety, our premises has been treated with SD Pro.
(Self-disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating)

We’re open, 5 pax max. per game. No regrouping for all games.



Coming soon: Brand new wall of fame

Escape Game Singapore2 weeks into the game duration upsize to 75 minutes, we think now is the right time to make this announcement.

As with our previous game duration of 60 minutes, we had a hall of fame for teams who make it out of the rooms within 60 minutes unassisted. We would feature polaroid films of the top 20 groups who made it out the fastest without any assistance. Beneath that section we would feature 5 more teams per game according to the escape room they conquered.

Now with the games at 75 minutes, we will continue (can’t do without it!) to have a wall with the rankings but not without a twist!

You might be wondering, how big is it going to be this time? And where?

Be patient friends, we’ll have the section up this weekend 🙂
P/S: The wall of fame won’t stay the same!

Meanwhile if you have time, do check out the blog entry by Sal, a editor who got his chance with Exodus at “My experience escaping an escape room” – Sal, That also happens to be the first review of LOST SG by a tech writer!