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Can Escape Room Games be Addictive?

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If you have ever tried escape room games, then you know that they can get very thrilling. But is it possible to get addicted to the thrill and keep wanting for more?

People get hooked on all sorts of things from sugar to shopping to gaming. Some kids and adults alike have found it hard to put their video game controllers down, spending hours just sitting on one chair. It can be so bad that some teens have spent days in gaming cafes without eating or sleeping much. Escape rooms are a bit different from video games, but is it possible to be addicted to them? Well, the short answer is yes and no at the same time. Here are some reasons.

How does the addiction mechanism work?

To answer the question, we first have to understand how addiction works. The basic mechanism is that certain activities, such as eating sugary foods or playing video games can stimulate the brain’s reward centre, leading to a release of dopamine. This makes you feel good and makes you crave more of the same thing that triggered the release in the first place. Over time, the brain starts to ignore ordinary dopamine triggers and can only be stimulated by your substance or activity of addiction.

Later on, you will need larger amounts of the same addictive activity or substance as the brain begins to ignore normal amounts. This puts you in a spiral that becomes harder to escape as time passes.

Do physical escape games support the addiction mechanism?

Theoretically, you can find escape room games to be addictive for the simple fact that solving problems leads to a release of dopamine in the brain. Whenever you are faced with a problem, the brain goes to work and tries to figure out the solution. Once you have it all solved, your brain is flooded with reward chemicals and that is why you feel a sense of achievement whenever you successfully crack open an escape room. It is possible to want more rooms after solving a few. And with time, you may end up not getting your thrill from ordinary rooms and look for ones with bigger sets. But physical escape games have a certain limitation and addiction is not exactly possible.

Why is it harder to be addicted to escape rooms?

What makes it hard for you to be addicted to these is the lack of repetition. You have to do something more than a few times for the brain to form a habit. Escape rooms simply do not make this aspect easily possible. You will need to be able to play a new escape game whenever you want if you are to cause an addiction.

Although there are many escape rooms in Singapore, you can escape each one once. After that, there will be no novelty. Video games are easily accessible. All you have to do is switch it on and you are good to play. The rooms, on the other hand, can be a little harder to get to. You first have to get a team to go with, then make your booking before you get to play.

You have nothing to fear

You have nothing to worry about. The thrill you get from the games can be so addictive but the good thing with physical escape games, however, is that you cannot access them as easily as video games. They just do not give you instant gravitation, which is usually how most addictions occur.