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Are You Brave Enough to Play Horror-Themed Escape Room Games

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The concept behind designing horror-themed escape room games is to compel players to leave the real world and immerse themselves in this alternate reality established by the game. If you are scared of ghosts or zombies, opting to play a horror-themed game can be a big mistake as you won’t be able to enjoy yourself or stay within the room for more than 10-15 minutes.

Horror-themed escape room games are full of ‘haunted’ objects and may also be gory at times. Zombies and ghosts are seen lurking around the entire room, and they will keep bothering and trying to scare you while you are trying to solve the clues. A certain level of bravery is required for this game, or you might be left paralysed with fear. The extra horror element in such rooms adds another challenging aspect to the entire game, making it more fun and exciting for players.

An escape room game requires the players to utilise their cognitive abilities, think out of the box and find as many clues as possible. Being frightened is natural as the atmosphere of the room is set in a manner to scare people, but if you cannot think straight and continuously stay in fear of other things within the room, you will soon regret entering the room.

Keep these in mind before entering the room:

  • If you are somewhat claustrophobic, do not consider entering the room. The entire game lasts for around 60 minutes and you cannot leave the room before that without solving the clues.
  • You do not need to be extremely intelligent to be able to solve the clues. Use your common sense and don’t be overwhelmed by the ambience of the room. All the clues are quite basic and are meant to be solvable for anyone.
  • Remember to work as a team. It is one of the most important survival skills and helps in deciphering the clues faster. Embrace everyone’s ideas and opinions as anything can work in that small haunted room. Do not forget that your primary motive is to get out of the room by hook or by crook.
  • Horror-themed rooms are not as scary as dedicated haunted houses at theme parks, but be prepared for some surprises inside the room. Zombies may pop out from here or there and give you a shock. Always remember that it is just a bonus of a horror-themed room and continue solving the clues to get yourselves out.
  • When the game master of the room gives you the entire story you are in, pay attention. Try immersing yourself in the story as this will make the game that much more enjoyable for you and your friends.

After reading all these points, if you are still determined to enter the room and defeat the designers of the game, you are brave enough to play horror-themed escape room games. Are you ready for some adventure? Go to the nearest game room and enjoy yourself thoroughly!