Best Types of Games to Have Fun With Your Friends

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When you and your friends get together, it can be quite a challenge to find something that everyone will enjoy. This article aims to address that.

Listed below are fun games to play with friends, either with just one or two friends or a large group and regardless of whether it’s sunny or raining outside.

Nerf Gun Tag

What do you get when you mix nerf guns and tag? A whole lot of fun, that’s what you get! Simply get a couple of nerf guns, and you and your friends are ready to play. Divide yourselves into two teams, set a safe zone where players cannot be tagged, as well as out zone where those tagged must wait until the teams are done playing. You can either play until the last player, or you can also set it so that the team with the most players left after a set time is declared the winner.

In case you don’t have a Nerf gun, or you simply don’t want to use them, water guns make for a nice alternative.

Group Storytime

If running around outdoors isn’t your thing, or if it’s raining too hard or is too sunny, you can head over to your room and tell each other stories. But, to make things even more fun, add a variation where you list down nouns on slips of paper and putting them in a bowl for each player to take from. Players must take turns turning the word they got into a story. Give each person a minute or two for their part of the story before moving on.

You’d be surprised as to how hilarious some of the stories can be when told this way. Be prepared for a few awkward pauses though.

Set Up a Video Game Tournament or a LAN party

Sure, you can all do this in each other’s houses these days, but where’s the fun in that? Set up a LAN party, or better yet a video game tournament where you and your friends can play against each other. The prize doesn’t even have to be big. It can be something as simple as a few dollars, or even just a beer or two. Whatever it is, what’s important is that it’s done in the spirit of good sport and for the sake of having a fun time.

Go to an Escape Room Game

Why not, right? A new escape room game probably opened up in your area, and you might have just been holding out on visiting it. So, why not visit it today or when you and your friends are together? After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Escape room games are made to be challenging and fun at the same time, something that should make for a memorable time for you and your friends.