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Best Environment For Escape Room Setups

With a specific end goal to make the experience all the more genuine, escape rooms frequently rely on having a specific environment for the games and puzzles. Every game that goes on in an escape room in Singapore can be based on the storyline of a hot-selling book or creative adaptation of a popular spy movie, introduced by the “game master”.

While not all escape rooms have a special environment, storyline or a plot, adding these elements to an escape room can change the entire experience.

Be as Imaginative as Possible

The best escape rooms are the ones that offer plenty of challenging puzzles, themes that are based on zombies and witchcraft, both a fan favourite for many people in Singapore! The key to designing an elaborate escape room is to centre the game and puzzles around a specific environment.

The theme or the environment can be anything you want. A popular idea for an escape room is to have an old deserted town in a post-apocalyptic era. Include zombies to bring the fear factor up to one level to keep the participants on edge at all times.

An excellent idea for an escape room is to base the games and puzzles of the popular American television show, Prison Break. You can base the games around the idea of escaping a dangerous prison. Shawshank Redemption and other popular prison break movies and television shows can come in handy if you are looking for more inspiration.

Adding a Virtual Reality Element

Escape rooms are gaining popularity among the young crowd because most of these rooms are video games morphed into reality. To make things more exciting you can add a VR device that allows players to solve obstacles and puzzles and make them feel like they are in that actual environment or situation. Make them feel like they are in an actual war zone, get them frightened by surrounding them with zombies or let them be a part of a spy team that’s sent to retrieve secret documents from the enemy. You can hide several items and make the participants search for them by solving challenging puzzles. To make the entire game more challenging, try tying the hands of two or three partners together and give them a puzzle to solve!

Add a Narrative

A narrative is an excellent idea to add a new twist to any game room environment. Direct narration about the scenario, plot and the story line will take the game play to another level. When you feel like your participants are stuck, provide them with hints and clues to make the game less challenging. But keep it exciting for the adventure junkies, an extra adrenaline rush wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Hidden Objects

In every escape room game, there will always be hidden objects to make it more thrilling and challenging. These hidden objects can sometimes even be in plain sight, for example hiding a glass ball in a glass of water! You can also hide small boxes with clues in huge books or use them to hide money. Use secret ink to leave clues that can be readable only through a special blue light.

Take it up a notch by adding different elements, storylines and themes to make the escape room experience more exhilarating for participants. Go wild with your imagination and have fun while planning the next escape room game.