LOST SG will be open from Saturday, 4 July 2020.

Rooms are limited to 5 players max due to phase 2 measures.
No regrouping for all bookings.



Beatrice and her long-awaited, first escape room experience

escape room singaporePumped for her first experience (just like Wenhui & friends) with Escape Rooms in sunny Singapore, Beatrice’s visit to LOST SG did not disappoint! Prior to her visit, she had been hearing about escape rooms from her friends but had no chance to give it a go. So when chance came.. she was so excited! We’re humbled to hear about her wonderful experience.

The Escape Room experience at LOST SG is indeed different. Our high-technology, creativity of our puzzles, room size and the game flow sets us apart in the local escape room scene.

Beatrice says: “So its a “10/10 must go and see for yourself” rating”