Back to Castiglione castle in 1860’s

At times, work just soaks you up and only some crazy time off with your beloved friends can relieve the tension. In this blog feature, we have Jerlinda from MyFatPocket at LOST SG travelling back in time to the mysterious Castiglione castle as secret agents to recover the missing 12 zodiac heads sculptures. Specially designed for Emperor QianLong, these treasures hold symbolic value and must be retrieved!

Stripped down to just the basics (i.e. no technology, no google, no whatsapp or whatsoever lifeline), her friends have to rely on pure human instincts to fulfil the mission. Below are some interesting and realistic shots of Castiglione taken by Jerlinda.

No phones, no google, but just 7 brains and a time limit of 75 minutes. So how did it go?
While you have to head on to her blog entry for the conclusion, here’s a tip from Jerlinda.



back-to-castiglione-castle-1860-2  back-to-castiglione-castle

Jerlinda says: –
“Don’t need to think too out of the box, because you will make yourself even more confuse. Be smart, but not too smart.”


After the thrilling 75 minutes of room escape, the group headed on next door to Hideout to pamper themselves with console games and comfy beanbags! Apt place to be after an intensive 75 minutes session at LOST SG 🙂