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Have an Afternoon to Spare? Here’s What You Can Do!

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Perhaps it’s a warm, sunny afternoon and you’ve got nothing really important to do. Would you mind going for an adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding adventure alone or with your closest friends?

Play cards indoors, party like it’s the end of the world or devour some chips in front of your TV? No – there’s something better and worthwhile!

A great suggestion is for you to head over to the local library or be part of that joint voluntary communal cleanup exercise. There is always something incredible, worth your time – hundreds of them. You can explore getting silly alone or with your entourage, extend the thrill beyond the afternoon or fashion the adventure to suit your needs. The best thing about an afternoon fun outing is that it needs no fat wallet or a lot of planning.

Be warned, though – we have detailed a few interesting, whacky and unique ideas. Check these out!

Extreme Biking
If you can’t do anything this afternoon, consider grabbing a bike and race to the nature parks. Forget about rolling through the beaten country roads or leisurely racing down at the beach; extreme biking is electrifying. It could be a sweaty race up or whizzing down that challenging hill, a cycle through a thick forest or just racing around your city with your best friends. Be sure to wear the right gear and have plenty of water!

Play some Hide-and-Seek
When it comes to fun, everyone should just let loose and enjoy the moment. In Singapore, there are plenty of places you can play hide-and-seek. Head to the nearest playground, park or even community centres and have fun! Just be sure to play in a safe environment.

Play Escape Room Games
Assemble the troops and find the best escape room game to trigger your thinking. Solve the puzzles and clues together to escape. Meanwhile, escape games help you think critically, communicate better and work together with others. There are many game themes you can choose from with differing difficulty levels. This is an ideal activity for friends, families or even employees to engage in together. What better way to spend a free afternoon than with some quality time with your loved ones?

Rock Climbing
Nothing is as draining yet as fascinating as scaling a rock wall with your team. A few ropes and a harness is all you will need and the afternoon turns from boring to exhilarating. Rock climbing is a hugely popular activity today owing to the thrill it brings forth and allows you to update your social media pages with something cool.

Water Rafting, Canoeing or Kayaking
Nothing can be more exciting on your hot afternoon than hurtling on waters aboard a light raft. Whether you are training for a competition or just paddling smoothly on a gentle stream, the thrill is almost the same. Just have a paddle, your gear and the spirit of an ardent adventurer.

Teach yourself how to knit
It is another satisfying way of spending the afternoon, especially when the outdoors seem uninviting. All you will need are two needles, some yarn, patience, the teacher, and lots of YouTubing.

You have a range of activities to do on a free afternoon. Whatever you choose to engage in, be sure to make it worth your afternoon!