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Activities in Singapore That the Adventurous Will Enjoy

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If you think that Singapore is not enough for you to have loads of fun, then you must be very wrong. Besides being known for its strict rules and clean image, the country has beautiful sceneries, and it promises different thrilling things for those looking to have an adventure in their spare time. However, you will need to look beyond the regular tourist attraction sites to enjoy yourself to the fullest. That will allow you to explore various outdoor and indoor activities that make you feel the adrenaline running through your body, just the way you like it.

Singapore presents an awesome list of thrilling activities that any individual will gladly enjoy. From escape room games for romantic couples and friends to outdoor sporting events, you can find something fun to do in different parts of the city. Here are several activities that most adventurous people will enjoy doing for leisure without having to go through too much trouble:

  • Forest adventure

Forest adventures in Singapore are most probably the only place you can walk on tightropes and swing from treetops. You can have fun with different obstacles set in different areas, depending on what you like most.  You might also get the chance to try a wild swim while you are at it.

  • Escape room games

Escape room games have been rising in popularity among Singaporeans recently. This activity will bring all your fantasies to life if you delight in playing detective or mystery games. They involve well-crafted and innovative puzzles that require a little critical thinking to solve. It’s great for people who enjoy brainy adventures.

Escape games are suitable for a small group of people to foster teamwork. The goal is to get out a room as fast as possible, by solving riddles and puzzles to unlock answers that will lead you out of the room.

  • Skydiving

If you’ve been wondering how it may feel to jump out of an aircraft, then skydiving is just the thing for you. This thrilling activity in Singapore can be done through the safety of a wind tunnel, perfectly replicating the feeling of the real free-fall.  This concept is known to many as the iFly experience, and you don’t have to risk getting any injuries while enjoying your adventure.

  • Animal galore

Like most Singaporeans, you might be accustomed to the regular squirrels and monkeys, but there is so much you can enjoy and take in from Singapore’s natural wildlife. You may consider taking a walk in different nature parks to see monitor lizards, crocodiles, and otters that are often elusive to the normal eye.

The Singapore Zoo also boasts a plethora of well-maintained enclosures, letting you get up close to native species of the region.

  • Thrill Rides

Though Singapore doesn’t have Disneyland, daredevils and amusement park enthusiasts can get their adrenaline rush at Universal Studios. This awesome site has some of the thrilling rides in the country, and it’s a great place to test your courage by climbing some of the tallest rides.

f you are not a fan of Universal studios, reverse bungee after a visit at the Clarke Quay might do the trick. This high-intensity activity will be sure to fill you with exhilaration. Expect no disappointments if you want something thrilling.

Besides these five thrilling activities, Singapore offers a whole lot of enjoyable experiences, and you will be spoilt for choice. The country also has breath-taking sceneries and great tourist attractions that you can check out. If you are looking for something scrumptious to satisfy your inner foodie, you can take a look at different hotels and restaurants to get a taste of all the local cuisines.  Like most Singaporeans, we can all agree that eating is an awesome past-time and a true Singapore experience will not be complete till you try our amazing dishes.