7 Tips for Successfully Leaving Escape Games

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Everything has to be approached in a certain way if you are to succeed. This holds true for escape rooms as well. Although your game master will give you instructions before you start, there are some things you need to know yourself, some tips that will place you in a better position to successfully escape the room. Thinking of trying an escape game? Here are some things you should and should not do to escape. It does not matter where you might be. Whether you are in Singapore, Japan, or Australia, escape games work on the same basis and so the following rules apply.

Spread out

Fill the room up. Spread out and let each member attack a part of the escape room. This will help you scour the room for clues much faster. But the key is to still be systematic and careful. Do not mess objects up that you might need later.

Let everyone know what you find

While you are searching, make sure you let everyone know about the things you find. This will make it easier for you to collaborate your clues and keep track of all your finds. All you have to do is shout it out loud for everyone to hear. It could just turn out to be exactly what a team member needs to make the puzzle come together.

Do not overcrowd around a puzzle

It is sometimes a great idea to tackle a puzzle at once just so you have many eyes dealing with it. That way, it will be easier to crack it especially if it is a complex one. The problem comes in when there are too many hands working on the same item. This not only wastes valuable hands and eyes that could be looking at other clues but it also makes it hard to crack the puzzle due to the resulting confusion.

Do not be distracted by the ticking time

You have to keep your eye on the clock, but not so much so that you get distracted. It is easy to panic once you see that you are in the final minutes of your allocated time. But panicking does not do you any good. It only works to slow you down, make you clumsy and in the end, you end up losing even more time.

Be sure to go to the bathroom before starting

You do not want to have to go to the bathroom while the game is on. Make sure all business is handled so that once the clock starts ticking, it is just the puzzles that you are focussing on until your escape game is over.

Separate the checked and unchecked

You should have a systematic approach as you check for clues and solve puzzles. It is possible to accidentally recycle the same objects you have gone over if you do not separate the used from the unused. This will also help clear the room for you to see clues better.

Pay attention to the game master

This is the first part of your escape game and it is very important. During the pregame, your game master will brief you, giving you a few guidelines to follow. Even though you may have several handy tips to help you plough through the escape room with ease, the game master’s instructions form the framework of your game. If you miss them, you might not succeed at all.