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7 Things You need to Know before you BOOK your First ESCAPE ROOM GAME!

7-Things-You-need-to-Know-before-you-BOOK-your-First-ESCAPE-ROOM-GAMEReal life escape game rooms are becoming ever since its modest start from Europe and East Asia. Over here in Singapore, LOST SG – Singapore Next Generation Real Escape Game aims to bring a notch higher by introducing never seen before high tech gadgets and innovative game play.

Here are 7 things that you should know before booking any escape room in Singapore and how you can enjoy some really exciting 75 MINUTES with your friends!


7-Things-You-need-to-Know-before-you-BOOK-your-First-ESCAPE-ROOM-GAME-3Not all game rooms are created equal, some of them are designed for expert players, while others are not. Over at LOST SG, we have been rated by Weekender Magazine as the most challenging game room in Singapore! And yes, we are proud of it! Imagine playing at a game room which is too easy and escaping in 25-30 minutes when you & your friends are given and paid for much more time. What a bummer that would be! However, if you are a first time player at LOST SG, we will recommend you to try out our Alcatraz or Exodus game rooms first as they are slightly less difficult, and these two rooms happen to be our most popular game rooms as well.


7-Things-You-need-to-Know-before-you-BOOK-your-First-ESCAPE-ROOM-GAME-2If you have visited LOST SG, you will know where we are located at! LOST SG is located at Peace Centre, and the main reason why we have chosen Peace Centre as our first home base is because of the gigantic space! LOST SG’s founders are real escape game fans themselves too, and they have visited many countries and outlets around Singapore! They knew how it felt being stuck in a small confined space! Because of that, they thought there is no way the games at LOST can be made small. Generally, our game rooms are around 2.5 times bigger than the average size of our friendly competitors. Size does matter and you will feel more “SHIOK (for a lack of a better word)” playing in a bigger space isn’t it?


Many escape room providers relied on puzzles you can easily find on the internet and coupled with beautiful set up, many players began to “MAKE DO” with just average puzzle game. Here’s an example of how some of the games may go.

  1. Find clues which leads to a key that opens a lock
  2. The found key leads to another puzzle.
  3. Solve the puzzle to get another key to another lock.
  4. Open that, you will finally get the key to escape the final door.

7-Things-You-need-to-Know-before-you-BOOK-your-First-ESCAPE-ROOM-GAME-4Over time, expectations went up, LOST SG realised that as well, so with a careful plot to each game, we delicately placed hi-tech gadgets in their right position Imagine this, your team can remove some objects off the wall in the right sequence, without you knowing, an object is activated magically opens somewhere.

Or how about this? After observing and deducing from certain clues, you are required to stay silent for a minute before something magical happens? These are the standards now that sets LOST SG apart from the rest!


Special effects are important to players and we want you to be amazed at every part of the game. Sometimes, it’s like recreating the scenes from the movies and from our imagination. Can this kind of effect be done? If so, what are the hi-tech gadgets we can use in order to do deliver it? This is just one of the many questions that we think of before setting up the room. Laser, special lighting effects, automation, heat sensors, you name it, we have them. The most important consideration we always have is that we want the participants to have more interaction among them instead of just solving dead puzzles.


Time is such a funny thing, while you’re having fun and totally engrossed with something, it passes by so fast. That’s what we commonly hear from players at LOST SG. So we have a timer at every entrance of the game room, it’s important to manage your time appropriately so you know when will be a good time to ask for that extra help. And over at LOST SG, you will be given 75 minutes for each session, make use of that time fully!


escape-room-wall-of-fame-fbHaving an overall fun experience is our top priority, our games are not that easy, and its really big, that’s why we gives you unlimited hints! Do take note that most other providers will not give unlimited hints! However, just like playing PC games, you don’t want to go searching online for the walkthroughs every time you encounter something difficult right? Overcoming the obstacles and challenges is what makes the game fun. If most of the answers were already given to you, that’s more like a walk in a park. So before you press for the magical button, try thinking again, is there no other plausible solution? Be gutsy and resist asking for hints, who knows, you will get to our newly minted Hall of Fame!


Brute forcing is frowned upon and will not be condoned, not only in LOST SG, but everywhere else as well! For LOST SG, before going into the game rooms, participants will be shown a short video introduction of the game they will be playing and followed by a safety brief. During the briefing, we will highlight that our game mechanics are automatic and do not require much physical strength to proceed to the next stage. Despite that, sometimes we do have exceptional cases where the inner beast shows up. In such cases, we have to cease the gaming activity and assess if there’s any irreparable damage done. In rare cases, players have to even fork out for the damage! Remember, this do not only apply to LOST SG’s game! It applies literally everywhere! Take note!

7-Things-You-need-to-Know-before-you-BOOK-your-First-ESCAPE-ROOM-GAME-5So there you go, the 7 things you should know about real escape game rooms to play well and we hope to see you soon! 🙂