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6 Thrilling Escape Room Themes For A Good Challenge

Most often than not, escape rooms are based on thrill-inducing themes that prompt the need to escape. The objectives of the game include finding a key, a combination number, cyphers, pattern matching, finding hidden objects in the room or a contraption that will ultimately open the last door.

These objectives may at times prove a challenge and that’s why teamwork is highly encouraged. And once the clock begins to tick, the participants are expected to bring their A-game to win.

The challenges are orchestrated differently following the theme and props to give off the right atmosphere to hype the participants up.

Emphasis is usually put into the stories so that participants are fully immersed in the game to get the complete experience. By doing so, they are able to truly enjoy the game and gather all the clues.

Below are some of the themes that you may find in an Escape Room:

Sherlock Holmes Theme

Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly one of the most popular detective characters of all time. This theme puts you in Sherlock’s shoes, so you’ll have a feel of what it’s like to be one of the investigators at the crime scene.

So, what’s the challenge? For this particular concept, the teams are tasked with pulling out any sort of evidence that they might find at the crime scene under an hour to catch the culprit. Otherwise, they will be the victims themselves. It is full of smoke screens to divert or derail participants efforts, so be quick on your feet if you want to solve the case.

Prison Break

What is every prisoner’s dream? To get out of prison, of course.

Instead of watching the prisoner trying to break out of jail, it’s your turn to escape. The scene is not limited to a prisoner trying to break out of jail, it may also be a visiting lawyer caught up in a riot, a visitor caught in lockdown or even a stranded prison guard in a riot. The teams are expected to find clues, decipher puzzles and cooperate to escape.

Crime prevention

In some escape rooms participants may be tasked with objectives such as preventing a hijack, an assassination or terrorist attack from happening. In these themes’ participants have an hour to pick up clues left by terror cells and connect them to prevent the threats.

Bomb defusing

Imagine you and your team trapped in a room with a bomb set to explode in an hour. You are expected to find clues and solve puzzles to either find a numeric combination or a pattern for cutting wires. This theme tests participants ability to keep calm under pressure and their use of critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork to successfully neutralize the threat.

Find the cure

Several scenarios follow this particular theme. There could be a virus outbreak, an industrial accident or a friend who is infected by a disease and might die in an hour if he or she remains untreated. Regardless of the scenario, the objective is to find the antidote to alleviate the possible risk of infection or death. It may also be to locate the individual components to make the antidote or the chemical composition.

Treasure hunt

Who doesn’t like a Robin Hood story? This theme places you directly in a similar position as that of Robin. The scenarios usually vary from pirates, bank robbers, shrewd rulers and dictators who have stashed their stolen loot in an undisclosed location. The teams are tasked with deciphering treasure maps, digging through their belongings, observing their patterns among other themed puzzles to get the treasure. It can be played by several players and offers an enjoyable experience.

The themes offered in escape rooms are not specifically fixed but are limited to the imagination of the creators. Escape rooms offer something for everyone, it just depends on what tickles your fancy.