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6 Escape Room Tips For Beginners

Below are some great tips and ways in regards to escape rooms in Singapore. We hope that at least some of these tips will lead you and your group to break records inside of your most favorite escape rooms:

1. The Key is Communication

Communication is perhaps the most important thing you should keep in your head during your escape room visits. But, what kind of communication will increase your chances of escaping? Inside an escape room, you need to keep in touch with your group and notify them when you find something, no matter how unimportant you might think it is. Do not keep your thoughts to yourself. If you have an idea, speak up and do so with confidence and clarity.

2. Keep a Mental Note of your Inventory

Once the timer starts, make a quick note of the inventory inside your head. Keep in mind how many locks are inside the room. Also, keep a mental note about the directional locks and letter locks inside the room. Are there any chests, cabinets, doors or drawers that have no locks, but cannot be opened? Such mental notes will help you in the long run. Do not assume that your teammates have also gone through the trouble of memorising. Always check and recheck.

3. Make Proper Use of Clues

Do not feel overconfident when you are entering the escape room. This will not happen because escape room staff are paid to create an exciting and enjoyable experience for each and every group that passes through those doors. But, the staff will not give you any clues while you are in the game, unless you ask for it. Swallow your pride and ask for the clues if you feel the time is ticking. Do not spend too much time in solving the puzzle.

4. Organisation Helps

Being organised during your escape room escapades will help your group succeed much faster. You need to sort your clues out in two categories – the solved ones and the unsolved ones. You can also keep your keys separate. You escape rate will increase significantly if you start organizing everything. Keep all your unused keys and clues within your grasp at all times.

5. Maintain a Cool Head

Your heart will be pounding as you unlock the lines of the puzzle. Each puzzle gets more difficult as they come. If everybody begins to panic, it is important that you maintain a cool head. Take your time and solve the puzzle at your own pace. Keeping your head cool in such matters will help you end the game much faster.

6. Look at the Broader Picture

Do not get stuck to just one single puzzle. Ask a team member to keep a track of the much bigger picture, such as figuring out what smaller puzzles need to be done, what the final objective is and what final objects and clues need to be collected. If you keep the larger picture in your mind, you can skip finish the game at a fast pace.

The above are some tips and tactics that new players can employ whenever they decide to play Escape room games, especially for beginners. Overall, a cool and composed mind will take you a long way in this game.