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6 Escape Room Tips For First-Time Players

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Escape rooms allow players to invest their time and energy into something productive and fun simultaneously. These rooms mark their boundaries for the allocated time for the game and once they have solved the puzzles and cracked the codes, they can escape the room and win the game.

It is not at all problematic for first-time players to indulge in an escape room game, since it is very easy to grasp the concept and learn the rules. If you are also playing it for the very first time, the following tips and tricks will come in handy.

Be observant of your surroundings
The key to having the best escape game experience is always to keenly observe your surroundings and try not to miss anything out. All the clues are interlinked and if you miss one thing out, the mystery of the escape room might not dawn upon you and leave you confused. Search everywhere around you. Keep all your senses wide awake and don’t forget to make a link between all the things that you observe.

Teamwork and communication skills
Work on your communication skills before entering an escape room. You should be able to communicate loudly and clearly, so all your team players can hear you and be able to draw conclusions or answers from what you tell them. It is extremely imperative to treat everyone equally and acknowledge everyone’s contributions to finding the clues. Don’t think any less of anyone, and don’t be biased in your opinions. Remember, you are a team and each one of you adds value to your game. Always know that if you can’t find something, your other team members might be thinking differently and have a completely different approach to cracking a code, which could help you in solving the clues. Escape room games are great for team building because it allows the players to recognize each other’s strengths and work accordingly together.

Time management
Time management is very important in escape rooms. Remember, you need to work as a team on many different puzzles, so you should divide yourselves into groups and try to solve more than two or three puzzles simultaneously. This will save you some time and you can spend more time on the next steps of the game. Always keep a track of time and divide your hour efficiently.

Use your hints if you have the option
Some escape rooms allow you to ask for help from a friend or get hints, which might be able to help you solve a certain puzzle. If you are stuck somewhere for more than 20 minutes, it is better to ask for help or use your hint. Remember to use them wisely and efficiently, when you know that you are really stuck and you need to get going quickly. Don’t waste them over something which you can solve in five minutes.

Don’t panic
If you are stuck somewhere, don’t panic or stress over it. Always enjoy your time while you play in escape rooms. Whether you win or lose, there are always great memories that you take back, along with the information about how to solve puzzles the next time you play in escape rooms.

Organize yourself
Organization is also very important while solving a puzzle in an escape room. You need to decide on where to put all your clues first, and then put all of them together, so you don’t lose anything. Always make sure that the solved puzzles or quizzes don’t mix up with the unsolved ones. Make a small checklist, keep everything aside that has been done and check it off your checklist. You can stay focused on the next steps this way and avoid any confusion.

These easy-to-follow tips for beginners will help them stay focused while playing their first escape room game.