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5 Tips for Escaping from Any Escape Room

Escape Room Singapore

Escape room games are thrilling and fun. However, many teams in Singapore frequently encounter the frustration of not beating the target time.

If that’s you, don’t despair.

If you are a first time participant in an escape room game or have had a series of unsuccessful runs, below are five tips for escaping any escape room in singapore.

Work Together but Don’t ‘Crowd’
You’ve probably heard this one ever since you were in school. Work together but don’t crowd.
Escape room games are often designed with clues spread out all over the room. You don’t have to crowd around the same clue. Keep your communication open and active. Alert your team when you have found something and don’t stop what you are doing to look at what your colleague has found.

Don’t Suffer in Silence
You’ve been looking at a particular puzzle in an escape room game for too long but can’t figure out its’ solution.
Reach out to a teammate and ask for help to solve the puzzle. You can agree to work together for a short time. Alternatively, hand it over entirely. This way, the team will always be sure that there’s more than one set of eyes on an unresolved puzzle and that none gets forgotten. If a puzzle is too cryptic and most of your teammates have been unsuccessful at resolving it, perhaps you need a hint.

Speak Out for What You See
It may sound ill-mannered, but it is a valuable tip for solving escape room games. When you’ve just gone in the room, it’s not about how quickly you can solve the puzzles. It’s about how well and fast the team can connect the dots. Verbalise what you see, and feed your teammates with information that enables the team to work together. Team members will know what you’ve found and relate it to other stuff and work out patterns or solutions.

Don’t Be a ‘Silent Observer’
Don’t just spectate or be a silent observer. Your teammates could be on the verge of making exciting progress, but without your contribution, they won’t be able to advance. When one puzzle becomes too complicated for a few members to solve, the entire team can brainstorm to get the solution.

Listen to all of your teammates’ ideas. Yes, including the crazy ones and give them all a shot. An unconventional solution could bring you closer to the answer. Just remember, you are not there to watch.

Listen to the Game Master and Ask For hints
All escape room games have hints. You just need to be observant or ask for them. As you go in, pay attention to the game rules and be ready to take note of any hints by the game master. Also be on the lookout for hints when you are already in the game. It will save you a lot of time.

To conclude, whenever you feel you are stuck or the fun is waning, remember these tips and get back on the saddle of solving puzzles.