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5 Reasons Why People are in Love with Escape Room Games


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People all around the world are indulging in this fascinating activity. Even celebrities like Kristin Bell, Chris Evans and the Ex-President of the USA, Obama have been seen joining the bandwagon.

However, the mystery is, why are people going crazy over escape games? We recently dived into the psychological aspect of escape rooms to find out the reason behind the massive popularity of escape rooms.

Here are 5 factors that make the escape room games so popular:

The desire to escape
Playing the best escape games can bring you into another world and allow you to detach yourself from the world for an instance. The concentration and adrenaline involved in playing the game allows you to be completely in the present and temporarily forget the things that you have on your to-do-list. This short respite is a reason why escape games are so popular.

Improves your mental health
Indulging in strategic games and activities activate the neurons in our brain, hence improving our mental health. While you may be worried about your overall health, keeping your mental health in check is also important. Think of it as a coping mechanism, you go in the room all tensed, worried and once you come out you have a sense of accomplishment.

The adrenaline
The actual emotion that you feel after physically experiencing this is different than what you are used to feeling. The adrenaline kicks in when you experience something like this in real life. Watching it on television or playing it on your computer is different from what you can actually feel. It starts as nervousness which builds into something entirely different.

Enjoying something together is beneficial for your health
Laughing with other players helps you bond with them. Most of the time, the team members are friends and family so escape rooms can even be used as a form of therapy. When you are on a mission together, it not only encourages you to communicate, it also helps you to establish a strong bond.

Relieving digital escape room games
In the past, digital escape games were extremely popular and almost everyone had experiences with it. The real escape room games that have been brought to life brings up a lot of memories, especially for people who were avid players of digital escape games in the past.

The escape room experience is something that has been evolving over the past few years. Every time there’s a new escape game, we can guarantee that it will be unlike the others. The creators of escape rooms are incorporating different techniques to keep the players interested and to make it unique. These were 5 of the factors that we found to be a reason for the increasing popularity of escape room games.