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5 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Escape Games

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You should never stop learning. Life presents us with lessons in so many ways. Sometimes these come in brutal, regrettable packages and sometimes, they are found in fun places. One way you can pick up a couple of lessons while still having fun with friends is through escape room games. These games are easily found in Singapore, with many rooms to suit different personalities. Here are 5 lessons a good escape game can teach you.

Asking for assistance

Often, we find ourselves stuck in situations. However, out of pride and the desire to do things by ourselves, we find it hard to humble ourselves and ask for a helping hand. But it does not hurt to ask for assistance when appropriate. Escape games can train you in this aspect. Although everyone would want to solve the game by themselves and gain the badge of respect, there is no shame in asking for hints from the game master when you are completely stuck.

Brainstorming all possibilities

Sometimes, solving life’s problems is just a matter of stretching your mind and considering all possibilities. Unfortunately, we often get lazy and do not explore all possible solutions. An escape room will force you to think hard and explore all solutions to crack its puzzles. Even though this may require hard thinking, you will find it easy to do since it is fun. But, at the end of it all, you will be building your brainstorming abilities.

Learning from your mistakes

Sometimes, people do not manage to escape the room on their first attempt. But with a thorough review of their game play, they can pick out a few reasons as to why they failed, enabling them to succeed on their next attempt. Life works in similar ways too. The first time you make a mistake, it is just a lesson. It is only when you repeat the same mistake that it becomes a problem.

Persistence in life

Some doors in life do not open the first time you knock. You may fail at your first attempt at business, your first attempt at sitting for an exam, or your first attempt at relationships. But the key is to never give up. This is something you can learn from an escape room. You will sometimes have to try to solve a puzzle a number of times before you can actually crack it. Sometimes, you will discover that you were looking in the wrong place entirely.

Setting and meeting deadlines

Usually, there are deadlines to meet and schedules to stick to. Failing to stick to schedules may lead to problems in your business, school, and even work. But time-keeping is not something people are just born with, it is a skill to be learned. Playing escape games requires that you learn to allocate time to different puzzles. No one knows where the next clue will come from and how hard the puzzle will be, just like no-one knows the problems life will bring. But still, you only have about 60 minutes to get everything done.

Lessons can be learnt outside of classrooms as well. No matter how small or subtle it may be, there will always be lessons to be picked up everywhere. Why not have fun while you are at it!