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5 Friendship Bonding Activities You Should Definitely Try

Friendship is something that builds over a period of time. But to maintain that friendship is a different story altogether. If you are looking to cement a friendship with someone, you need to choose some activities that provide conversation and fun. You and your friend can get a little silly and go outside your comfort zone. When you do this, your friend will definitely appreciate how much you are willing to open yourself up and will follow suit.

Here are some ways you can rekindle your friendship with someone:

1. Attend a stand-up comedy show

Are you and your friend badly in need of some hours to vent out your steam? Then, there is no better way than to attend a stand-up comedy show and laugh your evening away! You can try out Comedy Masala, a weekly open-mic event for budding comedians in Singapore. This event draws the biggest crowds on Tuesdays at Clarke Quay. Alternatively, there are also several smaller stand-up shows that take place in various pubs around the city. With so many jokes floating around, you and your friend will have the time of your lives.

2. Watch a movie under the stars

If you want to pack a picnic, jump into a car with your friend and watch a drive-in movie. If you or your friend have a car, there is nothing that is going to stop you from doing it. You can head over to MovieMob, which will locate the best open and public movie screenings at various spots in Singapore. While you might not be able to choose the movie, you can simply sprawl and face towards the starry sky if you get bored of the ongoing film.

3. Connect over Cosmic Bowling Night

We know that normal bowling is a bit overrated. But bowling over at Cosmic Bowling Night is something else altogether. You will be left amazed as you see your glowing bowling ball move towards the white pins in an alley radianting with a futuristic blue light. While the music and the lights might feel a little disorienting at first, the ethereal atmosphere and the music will make you feel like you have traveled to another dimension.

4. Make a Farm Visit

Apart from the usual imports, have you ever wondered where your meat and vegetables come from? If yes, it would be a great idea for you and your friend to visit a local farm or join a farm tour to find out more about what farmers and cultivators do for a living. With Singapore’s less-than-ideal conditions for farming and limited space as well, it is quite intriguing to see how local farmers make use of technology to create healthy fruits, vegetables, and crops.

5. Escape Rooms

The best friendships are forged through good and bad times, and you’ll get plenty of that at Escape room in Singapore. While they may not be matters concerning life and death, you and your friends will need to work together to successfully complete this game. You’ll have moments of conflict as well, which will make your friendship that much stronger.