3 Interesting Observations of Companies that had fun at LOST SG

escape-room-singaporeSince the first day of our operations at LOST SG, we have hosted many companies and organizations from the Government and private sector. In addition, we also had schools and social start-ups visiting our humble place at Peace Centre.

escape room singaporeDespite being one of the newest escape room in Singapore, we are gratified that more 200 companies have set foot into our high-technology escape game rooms. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the companies who have chosen LOST SG as their preferred activity.

Behind every successful team building event, there is a team of organizing committee that deserves a whole lot of credit. They put in their utmost effort so everyone on their team can enjoy the best escape game in Singapore. Most of the time, they will not be playing our games no matter how much they like our games. Because they have to take charge of the logistics and everything else. Big kudos to you, event planners!

Through our face-to-face interactions with the players and various little moments with the organizers and companies’ representatives, we would like to share some interesting observations about companies and the employees who have team built at LOST SG. Who knows? You could be part of the organizing committee that will see to the upcoming team building activity!

Let’s cut the chase and on to the 3 Observations that we have.

escape room singapore shuffle up


You’ve heard of it, birds of the same feathers flock together. They’re always seen together, even on trips to the washroom. Generally, there are two things that will happen during their trip to LOST SG.

Scenario A:
Organizers shuffle the participants randomly. This would result in a higher possibility of acquaintances paired with each other on the same team.

Scenario B:
Participants are free to select their own team and group and teammates. In the scenario, we would expect groups with teammates who are familiar with one another.

Which group tends to enjoy the game more? You guessed it right! It is actually Group A.

In the beginning, we could not understand this as well. We had the impression that Group B would be the one be enjoying themselves more since they chose their team! After some deep analysis by our Professor Rubik (by the way, he’s still stuck in Isometrick Lab), people tend to let go of themselves more easily in a game setting. As such, the bonding between participants happened spontaneously as opposed to the group of individuals in Scenario A who had already known each other. A possible explanation is that when members of Scenario B are in the game rooms, they may tend to maintain their “self image” or “reputation”, resulting in lesser participation in the game itself.

The Professor's Lab.
Isometrick – The Professor’s Lab.

You’ve worked hard and you deserve a break. Let loose in our escape rooms and enjoy our unique team building activity in a game setting. You’re sure to have fun!

escape room singapore


Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, there’s no need for a doctor. You know, the lady who is very shy and kind of quiet? She could be the admin clerk who helps you with your claims. She may seem committed and serious at work, but when it comes to having fun – she does it better than anyone else.

escape room singapore experienceAlso the person from that department, he’s waiting for something to ignite the flames within him. After days and days of hard work, he may have forgotten how it is like to have fun again. Some people called this “zombified” – and you will see a part of him you have never seen, during the game sessions at LOST SG.

In general, people tend to be very excited when they participate in the escape rooms. The escape room experience is after all, a combination of the few necessary elements that we humans find enjoyable and discover interpersonal relationships from. Scouting, clue hunting, consolidating findings and trying to make sense out of it are some of the processes team members will go through. They will find themselves in a situation where team mates throw in many ideas and plausible solutions, both smart and silly, in an attempt to escape.

Plan your escape within working hours, there is time for work and there is time personal leisure. To organize a successful escape room activity, it is important for the company to schedule it outside employees’ personal time. When the participants know that their feelings have been considered, they are likely to overcome obstacles, work better together and bond together when they are in the right state of emotion.

escape room singapore experience


Have you ever met people who have that endless curiosity and have the eager drive to challenge it all? During one of our events, we met him.

He came to LOST SG with his company and they went for 2 rounds of escape games. We can only assume that he enjoyed himself thoroughly during the team building experience because he brought his family the next day. With his family, he went on to attempt 3 rooms in a single day. While he is not the record holder for participating in the most rooms in the shortest amount of time, he does deserve a mention. The mental stamina and determination to participate in all 5 games in just two days is just plain amazing.
To feed your curiosity, The record holder for the most rooms participated in the shortest amount of time is a single day.

This tell us one thing, he must have enjoyed himself so much during the team building activity for him to bring his family down the very next day. Can you only imagine how cohesive his working environment must have become after the bonding activity? The very thought of this warms our heart.

The best thing is, there is not only one him. There have been multiple occurrences of this throughout our past team building activities.

We would like to thank the participants who recommend LOST SG to their friends and families after their team building experience at LOST SG. It delights us that we are able to provide an avenue of entertainment that you enjoy tremendously. To our past clients who have team built with us, thank you for choosing us at your top choice of team building activity, we are glad to know that our escape rooms can become such a integral part of your company R&R.

Thank you for reading, we hope this humble observation of ours is able to help you with the planning process for your upcoming team building activity 🙂

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Gather sufficient energy prior to your escape room experience. There have been hearsay that practice with logic puzzles and games increases the chance of escaping – there have been no evidence to support this but a chance is a chance worth taking!