Beatrice and her long-awaited, first escape room experience

escape room singapore

Pumped for her first experience (just like Wenhui & friends) with Escape Rooms in sunny Singapore, Beatrice's visit to LOST SG did not disappoint! Prior to her visit, she had been hearing about escape rooms from her friends but had no chance to give it a go. So when chance came.. she was so excited! We're humbled to hear about her [...]

Recreation fun, at LOST SG!

Recreation fun at LOST SG

Worried that her experience at LOST SG was going to be a horrifying one (no no, LOST SG is not a haunted house!), she soon realized her worries were needless. Taking time off for some recreational activity, Hazel had a great bonding time with her significant other. Hazel says: "We are both so caught up with work and we hardly have [...]

Joanna as.. Treasure hunter


Role playing as treasure hunters inside Castiglione's residence, 60 minutes were not enough for Joanna and her friends to complete the mission. But that's alright, because they had funny memories and eureka moments to reminisce about. Do head on to her Joanna's blog entry because she has also included a short video taken at LOST [...]

Oh no honey.. we’ve got to get our game together


Not realizing that teamwork and collaboration are key elements to victory, it took Aggy and her friends some time to get their game together. By working together, hand-in-hand with their observations and problem-solving skills, they were able to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as a team! Aggy says: "... expect to solve [...]