Nicole Choo’s first attempt with escape room!

nicole choos first attempt at escape room

"You will be blown out of your mind when you try it for yourself & the props are all extremely well done" We were glad to have Nicole Choo over at LOST SG and Hideout as a first-timer with her lovely friends last week. They went ahead taking on the challenge in Exodus, an entry level room where our energetic game masters would [...]

Humans vs Exodus. Who tops?


The very sweet Stephanie from TintedWhiteRoses ( brought her 2 friends along with her to LOST SG. Taking on Exodus, it was their very first attempt with escape rooms in Singapore and they certainly did pretty well! Stephanie has included a couple of pretty shots so do check them out on her blog! Exodus is one of [...]

First timer? It doesn’t daunt Donna one bit.

Escape Room Singapore - with Donna

First timer Donna ( came down to LOST SG with her friends (with some who have had previous experience at escape rooms) and tried Exodus! This all-girls group had great teamwork and managed to make it out with minimal clues. Great communication and teamwork, find out about Donna and her friend's escape [...]

Up against the Pharaoh, with only 60 minutes on the clock!

escape rooms in singapore

A fan of Arcade and Console games, Constance ( did not need much introduction to Escape Rooms. Role playing as slaves making their escape from the Pharaoh, the amount of satisfaction Constance received from completing missions cannot be described. Like Constance in her group of 4s, another team with a [...]

Recreation fun, at LOST SG!

Recreation fun at LOST SG

Worried that her experience at LOST SG was going to be a horrifying one (no no, LOST SG is not a haunted house!), she soon realized her worries were needless. Taking time off for some recreational activity, Hazel had a great bonding time with her significant other. Hazel says: "We are both so caught up with work and we hardly have [...]