Back to Castiglione castle in 1860’s

At times, work just soaks you up and only some crazy time off with your beloved friends can relieve the tension. In this blog feature, we have Jerlinda from MyFatPocket at LOST SG travelling back in time to the mysterious Castiglione castle as secret agents to recover the missing 12 zodiac heads sculptures. Specially designed for [...]

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!


It's Springtime! While we may have only the sunny and wet weather in Singapore, Springtime calls for celebration as our Chinese friends usher in the year of the Monkey. And since we're on the topic of Monkey, did you know that it is part of the 12 Chinese zodiac? The Chinese zodiac comprise of 12 animal signs which include: [...]

Joanna as.. Treasure hunter


Role playing as treasure hunters inside Castiglione's residence, 60 minutes were not enough for Joanna and her friends to complete the mission. But that's alright, because they had funny memories and eureka moments to reminisce about. Do head on to her Joanna's blog entry because she has also included a short video taken at LOST [...]