Happy Lunar New Year everyone!


It's Springtime! While we may have only the sunny and wet weather in Singapore, Springtime calls for celebration as our Chinese friends usher in the year of the Monkey. And since we're on the topic of Monkey, did you know that it is part of the 12 Chinese zodiac? The Chinese zodiac comprise of 12 animal signs which include: [...]

Major announcement: Game duration upsize!

Escape Room Singapore 75mins - Facebook

Dear LOSTLINGS, How was your weekend? It has to be great because you guys are awesome people. And your weekend must have been especially great if you've played a game or two at our place! So... what is this post about? You have read right, we are... going to upsize our game duration by 25% (15 minutes). This brings the pure [...]

Highlights at LOST SG… What?

Alcatraz - The Prison Break escape room at LOST SG. Are you game?

Hello Lostlings! Thank you for taking the time to read this, this is our very first post in this up and coming new section! Please allow us to introduce to you this new section that is actually long overdue. We are finally launching our new section after one full year of our bosses breathing down our necks. It's called [...]

Humans vs Exodus. Who tops?


The very sweet Stephanie from TintedWhiteRoses (steffytwr.blogspot.sg) brought her 2 friends along with her to LOST SG. Taking on Exodus, it was their very first attempt with escape rooms in Singapore and they certainly did pretty well! Stephanie has included a couple of pretty shots so do check them out on her blog! Exodus is one of [...]

The best escape room adventure games in Singapore


Every new escape room is like an entirely new experience. They set you with thoughts like: "will the puzzles be very tough?" "are we going to have enough time?" These are predictably the question every player will have. And in this Media/Review, we have a feature by SimplyHer magazine. If you always had questions like how [...]

First timer? It doesn’t daunt Donna one bit.

Escape Room Singapore - with Donna

First timer Donna (ponyonhighstreet.blogspot.sg) came down to LOST SG with her friends (with some who have had previous experience at escape rooms) and tried Exodus! This all-girls group had great teamwork and managed to make it out with minimal clues. Great communication and teamwork, find out about Donna and her friend's escape [...]

A writer with alvinology.com came down and here’s what he has to say about LOST SG

Escape Room Singapore Experience

A beautifully written post by Alex who writes at alvinology.com. And probably the longest escape room review ever about LOST SG. The multi-talented (no kidding, the team spoke a total of 16 languages and have professionals from multiple disciplines) team from Alvinology.com came down and gave it a go at LOST SG. With '2 practice [...]

Up against the Pharaoh, with only 60 minutes on the clock!

escape rooms in singapore

A fan of Arcade and Console games, Constance (constanceyeox.blogspot.sg) did not need much introduction to Escape Rooms. Role playing as slaves making their escape from the Pharaoh, the amount of satisfaction Constance received from completing missions cannot be described. Like Constance in her group of 4s, another team with a [...]